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I can almost scale my facebook operation, 1 problem! I'm offering a $2000 reward!

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by DMKing, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. DMKing

    DMKing Guest

    Hey everyone, For the last 2 years i was part time working on smm (linkedin, Facebook, Twitter). I have slowly built the tools and trained my team to be able to scale my facebook project. My concepts are safeguarded and provide organic traffic. I provide quality content and have active followings (which i can do much better given i had more monetizing coming in) I am ready to move in for a big push. I have freed my self of some of my large workload as an owner in another company and have given my self the ample amount of time to get this baby going. However I know what i'm good at and I know what i'm not good at it. I know my faults lay in monetizing and development, while my creative ideas are def high level my implementation for them on that front is not on the same level. I currently use or have used in the past concepts like mylikes (which has its up and downs but is not a long-term concept) lol spots was short lived due to its poor cpm rates, and the same with ilykes. I currently use mylikes and make anywhere from 10-15$ a day. There analytic are worth less than a bucket of piss in an ocean, I couldn't tell if i had 1million views from Ecuador or 20 from the US (my traffic is for the most part us traffic btw based on my niches and fb analytics) But I have a long term vision with these streams, I want to be able to short term monetize more, and build for a long term investment at the same time. Which to me is creating a website and sending traffic and building a relationship with the user and the website. I have many ideas from a creative side of how to do this but my passion remains in being able to cultivate the streams create new ones and manage them. I want to be able to scale the operation i have going on and i need someone who has hands of the grip of a presidents hand shake to milk a cow. I posted a listing on a ***.BlaBla outsourcing website that i usually use but this is where the real brains exist and I know there is a strong chance that someone has the skillsets im missing, like development and monetizing. My reward is for either 1 of 2 people. Either you hook me up with a person that I can work with long term, that has the ability to take my projects and create a monetizing stream worth 2000$+ a year. Or you are the person i am looking for and we discuss the projects and as soon as we start monetizing i will pay you 75% of the share of revenue till your 2000$ reward is paid. This is for a long term business relationship. My problems may be your wishes?

    I have reputations on multiple sites to reaffirm who i am. I have no problem revealing my information because there is nothing for me to hide. I am looking for someone serious as i am serious about this as well.
    My streams:
    Comedy 65k
    Animals 5k
    Food 5k
    another comedy 6K

    NYC -7k

    These numbers may or may not be impressive for you, but once again i am at the point where i can scale operations, as long as new monetizing streams are being generated, this will allow me to reinvest it into the personnel.

    I am looking for someone who has the time and ability to implement strategic ways to monetize beyond the mylikes and lol spots approach, Someone who will get the work done with quality, Someone who can work long term with me. (If you know of a short term method that wont have adverse effects on my streams I would be open to that to but it would be a different situation than this) I need someone who can communicate and not have to be micromanaged.

    Thanks for reading, you can send me a pm or hit me on skype.

    I respect the crap out of this place and its my last shot to see if I can do something with what ive built here, Its either that or im going to end up selling all the properties which i desperately don't want to do!
    Thanks BHW!
  2. DMKing

    DMKing Guest

    Bump :)
  3. pfcrock

    pfcrock Newbie

    May 8, 2013
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    Would be keen to help you out, available long-term, would need to know more precisely what you need doing as I can't quite grasp the full picture of my role from your post alone. PM me or skype me; my ID is: c.lapp11
  4. davids355

    davids355 Moderator-In-Training Jr. VIP

    Apr 25, 2011
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    Shouldn't this be in hire freelancer or JV section?
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  5. G-S-T

    G-S-T Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 20, 2011
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    Heavy in the game
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    KELLOGGS Supreme Member

    Aug 3, 2012
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    London (more or less)
    PLEASE put some more structure into your post. I'll read it later and get back to you if I can help but, I'm sure like many others, I'm put off by the huge lump of text this early in the day.
  7. DMKing

    DMKing Guest

    Hey guys, So i want to answer some questions,
    1. I did intend to put this in the right place and i'm sorry i was unable to post there, or could not find it after searching for about half an hour, so my apologies in regards to that.
    2. I have built a system incorporating limited manual efforts, and large amount of time and finances into creating custom bots and scripts to automate 60-70% of the workload. What work load?
    Collecting imagery pertaining to the fb stream, posting on a timely basis, building organic traffic and fb likes. So i took an idea of hootsuite and focused on the facebook aspect of it and churned it into a bot on steroids.
    3. I apologize for the long drawn out message, but i did it with intentions of being able to explain the situation thoroughly. So that the right person will read it and would know exactly what i'm looking to do.
    4. In summary I am an experienced fb traffic producer looking for a partner for great monetizing options. My traffic is all real and mostly USA.

  8. DMKing

    DMKing Guest

    5. The 2 Thousand dollars im promising is either in a partnership where you make 75% of profits through your new monetizing stream till we hit 2k difference and then we do a straight split of 50/50... Or if you introduce me to the right person I am guaranteeing you 2 thousand dollars, which will be done through the span of 6 months. As long as its an active stream and makes at least 400 a month+. As for my credentials. I will provide you adequate amount of verification of who i am and even work on an escrow deal. I am sincerely looking for the right person to monetize my social media streams.

    For more info contact my skype or pm me.