I am Clueless & would really LOVE some guidance

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    Hello everyone I am not sure why I have waited this long suppose it was out of pride but I have finally reached ultimate frustration and am hoping I can find some answers here.

    My story:
    6-7 years ago I answered a CL posting to work from home. Long story short a guy showed me how to make $1000/day if I agreed to give him 25% of my earnings by posting in the apts section and pushing ppl to free credit reports. I was given a road map, but never taught anything. I mean I was told this:

    Make your postings in the morning.
    Wait until evening to let your inbox fill up
    Send this template response email to everyone that emailed you.


    I started out with one account and during my peak performance had over 100 CL accounts. Would take me from 3am -7am everyday to make a post for each account in a different city, and then usually from 9pm-3am to respond to all the emails manually even though it was just a copy & paste task unless it was a replier that didn't bite on the template email I sent them.

    So basically I was just a robot gathering stock photos & crafting personal emails to repliers that wouldn't bite on the first template response. My conversions were about 6% for every 100 repliers. After awhile I built a site with around 35 different CJ links to various services & my conversion rate skyrocketed to 43% & multiple conversions to single individuals. Then CL started ghosting my ads, banning my accounts & ultimately became such an uphill battle to get one post on CL I gave up. I had no idea how to push that targeted traffic to my site, or how to find that particular traffic without the CL postings. I emailed the guy I had been working with, and he recommened a few CL posting companies that never really panned out. After a few back and forths he finally told me CL has shut the door on us if I find out something else to do I will let you know but looks like our gold mine is closed for business. And now CJ either doesn't even have creditreport advertisers or they are expired. Went from $1000/day to 50/week.

    I quit. I didn't know where to go, what to read I didn't even really know what I was doing was called affiliate marketing. Its been a few years now & I refuse to believe that others just gave up like I did. So I built another couple of websites. Launched a facebook advertising campaign, started a blog, wrote a couple of articles and 2 years later I haven't made one conversion off of anything I have tried. My google adsense is a whopping $37 combined between 2 sites. I have been doing some research and have hit a brick wall everywhere I turn. Everything I find on affiliate marketing is either some bogus "get rich scheme", clandestinely worded post that really doesn't have any pertinent info, or some $50 how to guide that is a combination of "get rich scheme" & undivulged secrets. I have spent over a $1000 in last 2 years purchasing peoples "how to"SEO, affiliate marketing, &blog startups Ebooks that are either out dated or some type of tier scam (purchase this ---now you need to purchase this-- now this-- now this & $300 later all you have is how to set up a cj account and build a landing page).


    I'm not looking for a $1000/day although it would be nice and realize its a possibility if I put in the work I realize that was an anomaly & extremely lucky to find let alone have it last for as long as it did, but if someone could please point me in the right direction on what to read, how to start out, where to begin, or mentor me into a super affiliate I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL. I would even share my profits with you at a percentage you come up with. I just want to learn.

    I'm sure your shaking your head & rolling your eyes as I'm probably not the first nor the last to ask for this, but I'm sick of waiting on tables. I'm even more tired of struggling when I know the solution is out there somewhere, BUT even more frustrated that I still owe back taxes on the profits I made 6 years ago that are still garnishing my wages every paycheck.

    Please help me.
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    A grand a day in this industry is not a hard number to achieve but you'll not get any real specif responses straight away. You will benefit from this site by reading many of the other money making methods that are located here


    as well as many other places on this site.

    Look around, get some ideas, take those ideas and see how you can implement them in your own way. Not the robotic way that you were taught on CL but one that causes you to be creative. Creativity is the backbone of most successful people and we all have some of that in us... even guys like me that can't even draw a decent stick figure.
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    Hey there. :) Don't stay clueless, use the search bar & find
    something to start reading already today. Good luck! ;)
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    What BTB said and it helps you more if you ask specific questions instead of waiting for the "right opportunities".

    You learn the most by doing.
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    As BassTrackerBoats said, no straight answer but it should not be really that hard.

    I'll tell you a couple of things, SEO is not the only way to drive targeted traffic.

    CL has a lot of other things to offer.

    Take a look around, keep your eyes open, dig deep into things you already know and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Remember one thing, nothing really shuts the door down permanently. If it shuts one door, people find other doors. That's the way it has always been. That's the way it will always be,
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    welcome buddy!!
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    Seems like you need to meditate!
    Just try it for a few weeks. You WILL see great results.
    Read up a book on meditation by Osho as well for answers.

    Then check out this too - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mastery-Robert-Greene/dp/178125091X

    You will succeed!
    Just let it go for awhile and release the tension.

    Good luck!