How would you go about autoblog using the JobPress theme


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Oct 1, 2009
Let me start off by saying my fulltime day job is working for a staffing agency, and I run the IT department, I'm new into IM and i have had adsense running on our company website(with my boss' permission, some months I'm using the money for adwords campaigns) for about a year and a half. Its making me a steady $5/day, with some days getting upwards of $14-20, my best day was $25... I'm going to be changing out our website in the near future with a new update template, and subsequently doing away with the adsense on the site(it just doesn't work on the new site)...

I don't want to lose that income, so I'm trying to figure out how to monetize a new site based in our niche which has many job listings. Several of the major job boards in our niche have RSS feeds for the postings so I know I can pull them from somewhere, but my question is, would I do best just going the normal autoblog route, or would it be worth it to use this Jobpress theme? and if so, HOW? I really like the idea of taking this and expanding it by charging for our competitors to advertise their jobs on my site, but I'm not sure that its the best way, and easiest way, I really want the set it and forget it that an autoblog brings.

Is there another plugin that might be a better fit?
I don't want to make this a general job board, I want it to be related to the niche we are in, since I can easily promote it.

I forgot to add the theme incase anyone wanted to checkout the jobpress theme its here
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I would say to normally go the autoblog route, however since your niche is in the staffing industry and targetted (I am assuming there are not many job boards that specifically target your industry). I would personally go with the theme you posted above, the benefit of using the above theme and fully developing the site, will allow you to sell advertising space to companies that are looking to hire workers.

The main difference between setting up a site/blogg and autoblogging is the amount and rate at which you create blog's. When you are autoblogging, your main focus is to get many sites up as quickly as you can in high converting niches. vs a traditional blog where you are more devoted to developing it daily, advertising it (seo), writting articles, ect.
I'm not really looking to add this to my autoblogging **************(although I am) I want this to be an actual site, no CSing, no CPA, etc, I guess i'm not really thinking BH with this site, except the obvious, not really working with anyone or letting anyone at work know that this site is mine, so not BH in the traditional sense. I know it will make me clicks because i'm making clicks on my company website(and trust me, if people click on the company website, with a little promotion they will find my new domain and click there, its the people that its aimed at).

No its not really targeted by the larger job boards like monster, and dice, although we do use Monster as a recruiting tool, since there are resumes there in our niche, but there are about 5-6 Major(for our industry) job posting aggregators, with 4 of them offering RSS feeds that I can use.

I guess my question was really if anyone had any experience with that theme, and how they went about modifying it for autoblogging...

I'm guessing i'm just going to have to use it as just a base template and bring it into artisteer and modify it, taking out thier "theme settings"

I dont remember what i wrote that its *'ing it out.
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