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  1. AllyBarns

    Help - How to automate job aggregation on Facebook page

    I have a Facebook page where I used to share content writing jobs. I find those jobs from Google search. Visit the website and copy the link and paste it with a small intro text on my FB page. It's a lot of work. Is there a way to automatically fetch the jobs from website career pages and...
  2. cosmo89

    Looking for a Developer for a custom Job board site

    Hi, I am looking for a developer who is good at automated Job board for a custom site. Not a regular wordpress site. So you need to understand how to make it automation, gaining data from various sites, and show it on our site as a job bord. Also the design have to be better. My budget ...
  3. tiagocardoso

    PBN/Links for Job Board Site

    Hello, I'm looking for links for a Job Board Site/Finances. I don't have much time to search in the Marketplace, there are so many packs available... So, if you think your package suits for this niche, send me the link of your thread or a proposal. Thanks.
  4. B

    Looking for SEO/Facebook media buyer assistant job

    Hi, I've been doing media buying for over a year in native, push, domain and pop for a company. At this point I'm looking into expanding my skill set to Facebook and SEO. Since it's really hard to find starting positions without asking for experience in FB/SEO on sites like linkedin, indeed...
  5. provocative

    Newbie Journey with several websites purchased from BHW

    Hello All, I met BHW at the end of last year and I registered later with the mind of creating a passive income long-term, preferably on white hat. I learned a lot here and I want to give it back. I will share my newbie experience of my BHW purchases, hopefully it will guide a bit to other...
  6. KJREDDY247@

    Job Portal API

    I am new to this job portal thing. I am just starting and want to know, Which plugins are you guys using to integrate API from multiple affiliate portals to post on your sites. I mean if i am going to auto post jobs from indeed, careerjet, glassdoor etc through api on my portal Is there any...
  7. komo22

    Is something like this available?

    I remember one of the higher ranking members talking about a company who will pay you a large sum for professional job recruitment leads. The website gave you a number where you advertise it for the prospects to call in. If that prospect of yours gets the job and stays for a period of time you...
  8. KJREDDY247@

    How do you guys auto post Jobs on your Job Portal sites?

    I have been started working on a job portal website recently, I am curious how do you guys post and organize jobs on your portals regularly? Posting through major job sites API ? or Post manually? What kind of affiliate offers are you guys doing from this? Any guide or suggestions will be...
  9. MehdiBmm

    I want make a successful job board, how's?

    Hey pals, I had this project for a year or more but hesitated to start it because it's competitive and I don't know how to market it properly if I do it but here's the thing, I want to make a website like, it's 4 years old and they're earning 299$ for every job offer post by...
  10. Omoadamo

    How To Create Job Site on Autopilot?

    Hello everyone, I have been on the lookout for how I can create a job board on autopilot with the help of plugin. There are a lot of questions that I have been pondering about for a while now. Such as: 1) Is it possible to scrape jobs from their free Plugin in WordPress...
  11. thewelshman

    How best to monetize? Need advice

    Hi all, My latest venture is a local job board, and I'm strapped for good ways which I can monetize the site while maintaining a good UX. I've been running adsense & indeed job ads, but due to my relatively low traffic volume (only a few months old), there's not a significant amount earned...
  12. thewelshman

    SCHEMA for Jobsite?

    Hi All, I've been running a job board for a little while and have been analysing the competition. I noticed that in SERPs that some of the sites have "109 jobs" or similar before their meta descriptions. Can anyone explain how I can do this for my site? I'm working with Wordpress and have...
  13. thewelshman

    Running a job board. Should the vacancies be indexed?

    Hi all, This might be a bit of a noob question, but should I be indexing the job vacancies or just the main pages? It seems to me that the big G might not like them being indexed seeing as they are deleted when they expire. That's why I currently have them set to noindex. Can someone please...

    Last Cry For Help.

    Hello i have posted here many of time's and have found great help. So now i'm back looking for info on making getting my job board off the ground. The main thing killing me is content for now i use the api route but you no they have limit's. So what i need to no is how to pull job seekers and...
  15. BlurryBit

    What would you do with 110K Indian CVs?

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 03/24/2014 ---- Okay so I have someone who could provide me 112K curriculum vitaes of Indian job candidates only, let's say for free. If you were me, how would you monetize it? Will anyone be interested in buying the archive if I open a BST? If yes, then how much will you...
  16. M

    How would you go about autoblog using the JobPress theme

    Let me start off by saying my fulltime day job is working for a staffing agency, and I run the IT department, I'm new into IM and i have had adsense running on our company website(with my boss' permission, some months I'm using the money for adwords campaigns) for about a year and a half. Its...
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