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How VPN Proxies Will Save Your Virtual Life

Discussion in 'Proxies' started by blackhatlord, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Feb 13, 2017
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    How VPN Works

    In a succinct form, am going to show you guys with this article how the VPN saves your life by acting as a mediator between you and the World Wide Web.

    When you have your VPN running on your operating system’s background, while you are surfing the web, there are zero possibility of any hacker or your Internet Service Provider knowing what you are doing, or worse still sell your data to the public, without your personal knowledge.

    VPN services are not only meant to be used by the big corporate firms, it is almost the need of the hour now, as everyone wants his or her personal data to be secured from prying eyes with evil intentions. Many have been victims of theft just because their real location was turned on by their mobile devices, and some other crucial data were left public. They ended up being tracked with their proxy address, and all the public details the adversary could get.

    Are there free VPN services?

    Most internet users, looking for a solution online, tend to ‘Google’ about the free version of the solution before every other thing yet. Even while I was looking for a service I’d leverage upon to build my E-commerce empire, first thing I checked on the internet was the free Ecommerce Platforms, I ended up not seeing a reliable service. Same applies to an average internet user looking for a free solution for his internet privacy, security and accessibility needs. It is natural, free is more exciting than paying.

    The truth remain that just as you are interested in the free service, many other internet users are also interested. That said, the service will have tonnes of users to handle, and thus it will be painfully slow for sure. It won’t supply you with the additional security features you need, and can even be logging your use. Therefore it is mandatory that one pays for the VPN service to get a corresponding value out of the service.

    It comes in handy when you’re being censored from visiting websites by your government (e.g. citizens of the Peoples Republic of China, banned from visiting top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Medium e.t.c.), or you are looking for a safer way to connect to the internet which is potentially vulnerable to the public.
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