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    Hello I am new to earning online and would like some advice
    I have a couple of blogs that are getting 50-100 visits a day and a YouTube channel with a couple of videos on it not many views.
    I have Auto Blog Samurai and a good article spinner software and I also have KOTD traffic software and know about Exchange sites such as Enhance Views. My question is how do I fully utilize this software and make some money online? I was using AdBooth and I was getting a little bit a day(very little compared to the stories I have read on here) but I think they have changed the payouts or traffic limits because I am not earning from that now. Also I had a AdSense account banned but it was in my partners name so I have created a new one with different bank account and address but am reluctant to use it on my blogs or YouTube channel because don't want to get banned again.Just looking for some good advice on the best ways of utilizing what I have also can't really afford to buy anything else. Thanks in advance for any help I get.