How to stay motivated?

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    Jan 12, 2010
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    I am 14. I started IM when I was 12. I really enjoy internet marketing and it fascinates me how much money people make with it.

    Lately I have been getting less motivated when it comes to IM. Before where I would of been excited to try a new method now I am unmotivated.

    I am not sure if Im in that mindset where I look at the method and Im like, been there done that. Nothing really gets me excited or motivated,

    In the 2 years Ive done I have made $600 dollars off of Adsense but havent received a check yet because my parents dont trust giving away my or their SSN online. This might be why I am unenthusiastic to make money because I know I'll most likely never receive the money cause of my parents.

    How does one get motivated to earn, or to expand, or how can I convince my mom and dad to let me continue with IM'ing?