how to see REAL position on google?


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Apr 19, 2009
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ok got question, every1 of my friends sees my page on different spot on google, so id like to ask you how do you change those preferences in google, because if you visit site more times it will move forward but only for you, so id like to see real stats, i knew there was option few months ago that you could turn that off but i cant see it now...

any sites you recommend? or is market samurai good for that?

because i dont want to expose my keywords to "serp rank checkers"
Market Samurai or Traffic Travis both work fine for that. Yea, pain in the neck the way google tries to "help" you out like that!
I have always used this website to check my rankings I have never had a problem with it. Also depending on your website (if you use wordpress) there could be some ways to check your stats in such in the backend of your website (for wordpress it is known as "statpress").
You don' need any special websites or tools to check your rankings. Just go to google and type

Your Keyword = keyword you trying to rank for.
GL = Country told
Remember to change, etc along with GL
You can get the list of TLDs from wikipedia.
no that aint right, you still get preferences... for example if you clicked on ur site from google, it will be closer than it is for others... ill just use market samurai, i guess it works fine, atleast if its not pulling data from my computer, a.k.a. searching through my firefox and type that in, because thats wrong info, but i think its fine, since it says im on #100
As I said use the website I listed....there is nothing wrong with using a tool to check your rankings.
why the need for then? everything that is shortened smells fishy to me :) warning pops up in my head
I use firefox private browsing for a single site checkup.
For multiple keywords I use a real paid license of Rank Tracker from

Best regards,
I use firefox private browsing for a single site checkup.
For multiple keywords I use a real paid license of Rank Tracker from

Best regards,

well great tip...

if i search with private browsing im on #120, and market samurai gives me #100, as i said before, so ye im somewhere there...
webmaster tools show you which keyword where is in google
I think Google has lots of datacenters, and each one could have a different ranking for your webpages at any given point in time. Unless your friends are all using the same data center, it's highly likely they will see different results.

If you are searching from your own PC, just ensure that you are not logged into Google (see top right of screen when you do your Google search) to remove the personalized preferences you speak of.

I've been there before and I've already started a thread here asking the same question

anyway, Here is what i found best so far , check it out :

In my opinion, there is no "real" position anymore. It depends of course on your geographical location (independent of which tld you use), search history and of course the users personal preferences. I wouldn't waste your time trying to find an exact position and just concentrate on improving.
There is no real position in Google. It's all about relevance, your settings, previous searches and GeoIP, but there is average position range. Position range is where Google constantly places the majority of your SERP position in its index.

To find the true Position Range you need to goto Google Webmaster Tools. Click Your site on the web > Search query. It will give you CTR%, Average position, and search terms.
download the rank tracker tool of seo power suite.
G tracks your every move with cookies. If you want your real SERP position you need to block the cookies from the monster. Also there are a bunch of different servers constantly being updated.

I can't post links here yet so do a search for "multiple datacenter search"
Download rank tracker from spyglass or Rank checker from seo book.

Or clear your cookies.
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