Jan 12, 2022
I found a winning product on tiktok, I ran an ad a few days, but I tried to scale the tiktok ad but no success, can anyone help on how to scale the tiktok ads?
Did you make custom creatives or just rip them off ?

send me a dm I may be able to help you out
tiktok is weird place, it might be suitable for your niche, but not for other industries. there are tons of tiktok influencers on fiverr, you can check those gigs.
you need to keep refreshing and adding new creatives.

Creatives burn out pretty quick on tiktok, we find most last between 5-14 days depending on niche/target market. so you need to constantly keep creating new!
also as someone else asked are you ripping other peoples video to run ads with or are you creating your own?

TikTok can spot ripped video and penalise the campaigns, so it's always best to create your own creatives.
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