How to remove a link from other's site or Blog?

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    Before you come to any conclusion please read this

    One of my friend is been running a small SEO service firm. A few days back some blogger has posted a post on that firm and it was showing on first page, the content was annoying and giving a wrong info about the firm so he requested to remove the post but he didn't accepted the request, yesterday he told me I have succeeded in removing the link, i cross checked his statement the blog post was still showing but if u click on it it shows "Page not Found" error the post is finally removed.:confused::confused::eek:

    My question is how is it possible without the site access or ftp access. the blog was using WordPress cms.

    And my friend is ex Google employee, did he might use his google refrence or is there something else trough which we can do.

    Please guys let me know i am very curious about the answer

    Have a great day:)