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    So this has been of some interest to me since I first learned about penny auctions. Go to ebay and search penny auction and you see some products that people are bidding on that are .01 and have free shipping. This is a great way to increase feedback but how can you do it without getting your account suspended?
    Well I know the way because I spent two hours waiting for a chat rep to verfiy how I can list something like this.

    First you can take a picture of something you own or draw a picture scan it, whatever make sure you own the pic.
    You will be listing in the category: Art > Direct from artist> Digital Art. This will ensure you can email your art to the buyer. So list the item give a description on the size what type of file and make sure you list that you are the owner and have the right to resale the pic. This will help keep ebay off your back. Also be sure to keep the listing private for the buyer, and set it up so no one buyer can bid twice on your items ( this will increase feeback).

    So if you do the math. It costs ten cents to list and final sales lets say 30 cents is the end result ( I am not sure of actual ending Listing fees). So this would mean that for 100 listing it would cost you $30, not a bad price to pay to boost your ebay presence in the community.

    But heres another catch. Ebay has a special where you get 100 free insertions a month so use that to your advantage to increase feedback.

    *be sure to really email the pic too*

    If you have a better method my ears are open.
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