How To Protect A Link From Being Accessed by Invalid Traffic?

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    If the title thread confuse you, then I am sorry. I couldn't find the better and more appropriate one. I do hope to get some enlightenment on this matter.

    I create a digital product and uploaded at box*co*m. Since I uploaded at box*co*m, I can generate the download link of the file so that I can share this file.

    I am not selling this product actually, but I still want to make some money from it. So, I decide to use beez4biz to shorten the download link, from the original download link like hxxp://w**co*m/s/4t5sdxl6355ussdoroh becomes hxxp://w*3.bee4*bi*z/v/tjt. Then, I put the short link at my website, referring the product that I provide. Every time visitors are interested in my product and want to download it they will click this link.

    Here is where the money goes in, this short link will bring them to a survey page and they need to complete this survey to be able to be directed to the real download page, which is hxxp://w**co*m/s/4t5sdxl6355ussdoroh. After they have completed the survey, a tiny sum of money is credited to my account, and they will find my product in the real download page.

    The problem is I get so many traffic yet so little conversion. I checked my stats in beez4biz, there were 254 viewers and only 6 leads completing the survey. I then checked the stats in my box*co*m account and found that the product had been downloaded 32 times. :( :y:

    Apparently, some of my visitors have shared to original download link to others, perhaps their friends or colleagues so that they can download the product directly, bypassing the survey. Or maybe even worse, they make their own bee4biz account, shrink the original download link and put the short link on their sites.

    So how on earth can I protect the original link so that it can be accessed by traffic coming only from my site, or hxxp://w*3.bee4*bi*z/v/tjt to be exact? Is there any site like box*co*m or mediafire that provides a feature like protecting the download link from invalid traffic)?

    I also had tried to use hxxp://w*3.sharecash*or*g but it did not work as what I expected. I guess too many people have known sharecash so they even do not bother to click the link.

    Puhleeaaazze, I need your help guys. And thanks for taking it thus far, really appreciate it.
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    I don't heard anything like this before. I guess whatever the traffics are should not be restricted; however, you can restrict some short of ips from accessing to your site.
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    yes, you could not restrict the triffic completely... that's all.... thanks
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