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Apr 5, 2019
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Hello everyone,

Let us use this place to share our ideas on how to blog impressively in 2020.
Write contents that your reader need. Backlink will follow if your site worth to share.
Some blogger will buy link for linkbuilding but the most important thing is letting your website grow and be famous because your web content provides value to your visitors . Let everything flow naturally. While there are indeed effects, keep in mind PBN services and backlinks are business.
The upcoming trends seem to be:
1. be real, put a picture of yourself, your family, to make your site trustworty and increase conversions. Never use stock photos.
2. embed a youtube video at the end of every post (find the video, click share, them embed, copy the code and paste it on your post's text editor)
3. prove your authority in the topic, speak at conferences, create ebooks, udemy classes, and a hundred social media profiles backing up your expertise.
1.Select the blog name
2.Begin your blog by adding WordPress
3.Collect The Right Theme
4.Create Your Blog Understand Your Readers
5. Stay Your Site Secure and safe
Make a good content (Informative and natural) is the answer
Choose quality content and select the correct theme of WordPress.
Select blog niche, choose a domain name, Installing WordPress, Choosing the correct theme with unique quality content.
Thanks for opening this thread it will bring more helpful tips for newbies and it will allow people to interact with same interest.
1. As the Google algorithm gets refined, old practices will become either useless or detrimental. Don't sacrifice content quality for tricks and shortcuts.
2. If you're gonna outsource blogging, don't rely on cheap writers. Hiring a good writer is an investment.
3. Don't be boring. Brand voice is everything.
4. Create "skyscraper content". As explained in an ExitBee article:

"Skyscraper content is an inbound marketing technique that involves finding topics that are doing well on the search engine as well as social media. It uses reverse engineering to create a content piece that is better than an existing one. The tactic also involves backlinking to existing posts or sharing it with those who have previously shown interest in the same."
Same way as 2019.

In regards to the technical stuff...
  • Fast hosting
  • Spotless On-Page SEO
  • Lightweight & Fast-loading theme (Choose either between Astra, OceanWP or GeneratePress)
I personally prefer the Astra Pro (which you can get from here) because it has so many pre-made websites for each of the most popular page builders out there.

So, setting up a website it shouldn´t take you a few minutes and, customizing it i am guessing it depends on how well and familiar you are with page builders but it the worst-case scenario, let´s say it takes you a day.

The next step is to select a niche you want to dive in.

Once you have selected a niche to build a website/business around it´s time to focus on the other stuff. Which is...
  • Keyword Research - I don´t care what anyone says. Spend as much time on this, particularly on keyword difficulty analysis. There are plenty of amazing threads here that touch this in a more in-depth manner. Check out @Holzr thread on the topic. Search for it!
Be able to devote all your content building efforts on targeting the right keywords MUST BE YOUR MAIN GOAL HERE!

Trust me, you will thank me 4-6 months from now when you have a blooming blog instead of whining because you then realize you made a mistake picking up the keywords.
  • Content - If there are 2 words you must stone in your mind in regards to content is RELEVANCY and QUALITY.
Relevancy just means satisfying to the full extent Google user´s search intent and, quality, just means writing in a way it´s engaging and appealing to the reader.

For this, the best way to do it is to focus on the readability score and to adopt a style of writing that is casual but without been informal.

Adding as many graphic elements will come a looong way too.

Anything from customizable images and pictures to bullet points and infographics.

Anything that keeps the reader in and makes it easier for them to capture the main and key points of the messages without having to go through a boring wall of text. Regardless of how well optimized it is for SEO.

The readers don´t care about SEO, that something for Google.
  • Linkbuilding - Once you are done scheduling your blog´s content it´s time to focus on finding and building links that are high-quality and, most of all, relevant to your business.
There are also many resources in the amazing community on the topic but, personally, i highly recommend you to check Ahrefs YouTube Playlist on the topic (as well as their keyword research playlist - it´s just INCREDIBLE!).

It will be hard for you to find better value for FREE anywhere on the internet.

In there, you will find tutorials on how to find and build high-quality and relevant links explained step-by-step by Sam Oh.

Lastly, i also strongly advise you to download Ahref´s blogging course available on the Members Download area.

I just went through it and i must say it´s pretty damn solid.

It offers some golden nuggets and put things into perspective.

Hope this helps,

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You can use my way to do auto PBNs and get passive income. Tested and success :
Add the best content on your blogs, a post that a lot of people are eager to share. you'll never lose by working that way.
To utilizes great headlines and focus on certain topics.
It's all about content and keywords, create your blog with engaging content using your keywords so that the reader enjoys reading your blogs.
Better - content, theme, responsiveness, mobile friendly are more concerned in 2020 IMO.
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