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    When ever we talk about SEO, we divide it into on site and off site SEO. Off site SEO mainly contains backlinks and social signals. Specially, to boost your ranking in SERP's you need to get quality links from other authority sites. We all know the importance of search engine traffic and that getting high quality backlinks to your blog is one of the best ways to improve your blogs rankings and get better search engine traffic and results, this post will be listing 101 ways by which you can get quality backlinks to your blog.

    Some of the link building methods, which you should ignore:

    Before, I start with my 101 list, here are some of the link building methods that you should ignore:

    • Avoid site wide link from footer (WordPress themes or plugins)
    • Avoid buying exact anchor text link (Keep a proportion of 40%-20%?20%-10%-10% for anchor text variation)
    • Avoid buying bulk links from sites like Fiverr
    • Don?t opt for link networks (Build my rank was one of such private link network, which got penalized)
    • Avoid BlogRoll links
    • Article directory links are not that effective anymore
    So, these are something which you should keep in mind when starting with quality backlink building campaign. Out of all the existing method, guest posting is the best way to get quality link and more over, it will help you to drive traffic to your web page.

    Smart Blogger guide to build quality Links to your Site:

    1. Submit Guest Post to Other Blogs (List of Blogs to guest post)

    2. Comment on ******** blogs.

    3. Start Relevant Threads in Forums and Link to Your Blog Posts.

    4. Link to Your Blog in Your Forum Signatures. (Only high quality forums)

    5. Social bookmarking is also considered as backlinks and you should target following network: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Digg and delicious.

    6. Make Use of Discussion Boards by Linking to Your Blog in threads. Quora is one such HQ discussion board.

    7. Make Use of Blogging Communities by Submitting Your Blog Posts to Them, some great places to start are Blog Engage, Inbound.

    8. Ask Questions related to your blog in Answer Sites like Yahoo Answers and Link to Your Blog in your questions.

    9. Answer Questions in Yahoo Answers and Cite Your Blog as the Source.

    10. Interlink to your blog and other posts on your blog when writing on your blog.

    11. Exchange links with other bloggers in your niche. Make sure to form link pyramid and keep it natural.

    12. Submit Your Blog to Top Blogging directories. (Again quality mattes here)

    13. Submit your blog to top web directories.

    14. Submit your blog to top niche directories.

    15. Ask your friends to link to you.

    16. Submit your blog posts to all social bookmarking sites you know.

    17. Submit your blog to your top social networking sites.

    18. Submit your articles to stumbleupon.

    19. Submit your blog to digg, it is ******** and Google crawls most of its submissions.

    20. Work on making your blog go viral on top social bookmarking sites, this alone can bring you tons of quality backlinks from authority sites.

    21. Submit your rss feed to feeder sites.

    22. Make use of press releases, you can get a list of press release sites to get started.

    23. Submit your rss feed to rss directories, here is a list of rss directories to get started.

    24. Most forums have a website review forum, review your blog on this forums.

    25. Release a free theme and include a link to your blog in its footer. (Not recommended)

    26. Release a free wordpres plugin and include a link to your blog in it. But don?t keep it sitewide, as sitewide anchor text links are bad.

    27. Release a software or compile your ebooks to .exe and submit them to top software sites like brothersoft.

    28. Convert your blog posts to pdf and submit it to document sharing sites, here is a list of document sharing sites for you to get started.

    29. Review top companies and products and they might link back to you.

    30. Do a weekly link love post and link to many bloggers, they will most likely return the favor. Take advantage of outbound link SEO.

    31. Interview top bloggers and ask them to help you share it on their favorite social networks and their fans will link to your interview.

    32. Provide testimonials for marketers and also provide your link when doing so, they will most likely link back to you.

    33. Make use of web 2.0 sites like squidoo to promote your blog.

    34. Submit your blog posts to blog carnivals.

    35. Write high quality content and you will get strong backlinks.

    36. Write controversial posts.

    37. Write news posts and try to be one of the first people to write it.

    38. Submit your blog to css directories.

    39. Ask other bloggers to interview you.

    40. Write linkbait posts.

    41. Write top list posts because they can go viral easily.

    42. Write a post comparing some top gurus in your niche.

    43. Write a post featuring some upcoming bloggers and why you like them, they will most likely link to it.

    44. Trade articles with other bloggers in your niche.

    45. Submit your site to Dmoz, many other directories use this directory and that alone is enough qaulity backlinks for you.

    46. Submit your blog to .edu and .gov forums and blogs, Google so much loves backlinks fom this sites and regards them as authority.

    47. Make use of groups like Google Groups and Yahoo Groups.

    48. Create a Wikipedia Page For Yourself and include your link in the resource section.

    49. Submit your blog to technorati and build more links to increase your ranks, this alone can help you get many high quality backlinks.

    50. Write posts that have "the ultimate" in the title, each of these type of post I wrote got over 20 backlinks each.

    51. Start a blogging contest and make linking to your blog one of the requirements.

    52. Sponsor blogging contest and you will get a lot of backlinks from this.

    53. Donate to charity sites, many of them will link back to your site.

    54. Build a great tool and many people will link to your tool and your blog.

    55. Do a big product launch.

    56. Make the news at any cost.

    57. Release your own firefox extension and have a page dedicated to it, many people will link to it!

    58. Blog about celebrities.

    59. Render your services to top people in your niche, for example, the fellow who designed Darren Rowse?s theme was credited at the footer.

    60. Write 101 posts, they tend to get more social and natural link love.

    61. Design a top bloggers award and give it to as many bloggers as you can in your niche, they will link back to you.

    62. Contact your theme designer and tell them to use your website as an example in their portfolio, they will most likely include a link back to your blog.

    63. Creat manuals and long tutorial posts on your blog, this type of post do recieve lots of backlinks.

    64. Create a great ebook or membership site and make linking to your blog the requirement to get it.

    65. Submit your resume to resume directories while linking to your blog in your resume.

    66. Write how to posts, they also tend to get more backlinks.

    67. Write posts that starts with numbers e.g. "7 ways to?", these type of posts do tend to get backlinks.

    68. Submit your images to image directories and include a link to your blog in its copyright notice and as a requirement to use it. Ex: How to use Flickr to drive traffic.

    69. Join blogging contest and you will most probably get backlinks if you win.

    70. Have a "link to us" or "spread the word" page on your blog while asking your readers to link to you ? it is important to make it easy for them by putting your direct html code there using your desired anchor text.

    71. Submit your website to local business directories, backlinks from these sites are regarded by Google as authority.

    72. Write on and link to your blog in it, this will likely be crawled and used by a lot of websites thereby increasing backlinks to your blog.

    73. Make effective use of april fool.

    74. Do very costly jokes on your blog but indicate it is a joke underneath the post (tricky? ahah!), e.g. "Apple has bought Google for $260Billion", something like this will get tons of links and retweets before people even know that it is a joke.

    75. Create niche specific tutorials, which are not only unique but help the community. Such tutorial articles get lots of backlinks.

    76. Create viral youtube videos and inlude links to your blog in the video and its description.

    77. Create Lots of Websites and Interlink Them to each other. (Avoid private blog network)

    78. Offer lots of free downloads on your blogs.

    79. Update your blog regularly because this will make more people trust your website and it will also make you rank for more keywords which means more traffic and eventually more backlinks.

    80. Write a great post with a lot of pictures in it ? let the post be pictures only.

    81. Write a post comparing various companies and services and which is the best, the best company will most likely link to it.

    82. Compare different top products and link to them, people will most likely link to it e.g. You can compare a mac with a PC.

    83. Get a collection of high quality paid things and make them available for free (make sure you are not violating the copyright of the owner in any way !!)

    84. Create a directory for your blog and make it important to reciprocate links with you by giving those who link to you higher placement and giving them free featuring on your homepage.

    85. Beta test a lot of products and give your review and tips on improving the product, the owner might just link to you.

    86. Run surveys on your blog and publish the results for everybody to see, if the survey is good and helpful you will definitely get a lot of backlinks to your blog.

    87. Write a list of the "top 10 myths" or "top 10 mistakes" about something.

    88. Position yourself as an authority in your niche and try to get attention from the media.

    89. Offer to speak at events and seminars related to your niche, don?t forget to mention your blog while introducing yourself, this will most likely help you get some backlinks.

    90. Have a special writing style that attracts people.

    91. Be transparent on your blog.

    92. Get listed in top paid Directories like the Yahoo Directory and the BOTW directory

    93. List your product on Ebay or Amazon and include a link back to your blog.

    94. Create a podcast and submit it to Itunes, link back to your blog from it.

    95. Create web apps and submit them to app directories such as Go2Web20.

    96. Write a great and very useful whitepaper and ask your blogging friends to help you distribute it around the web, make sure you include a link to your blog in the whitepaper.

    97. Run a contest giving people physical products for free, make linking to your blog a requirement to join.

    98. Try to know which stories are hot at the moment and make sure you blog about them.

    99. Blog about very important events such as the independence day and the likes.

    100. Start your affiliate programme.

    101. Create a news section on your blog with regularly update news in your niche and you will begin to get links fast.

    Original post on my blog- www technology-webster tk

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    Copy & paste

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    What a brilliant Hackerboy1493 ??? Lol

    Copy and Paste from Shoutmeloud
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    You can't possibly follow all the tips in the copied article. I usually avoid reading such long lists of things to do except when I want to pick up one or two tips to apply to my sites.
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    Learning for you :

    You must not copy and paste any content ..when you have just joined a forum.
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    thanks. useful informations
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    Though OP copy-paste from anywhere, its useful.
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    Quora is really great place to post your blog and get so many click and upvotes there as one of my friend got the best writer tag there. :)
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    Wow! Such a long list of tips. Thank you for this shared knowledge that was a result of your experience in creating and maintaining blogs. I have found some of the tips very similar to the most successful technics that I have been using for quite a long time. I guess these are universal things that can help a lot of start-up blogs and their owners .
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    i think we all can't follow all of them but go with our favorites... as per our website niche
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    So funny, I read this article last week. Good article though, just it's not OP's
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    A great list. Insightful, ideas to work and grow on. I like how it covers many areas of the web. I hate running into dead ends and these list gives me more things to do or consider.
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    If you had copied also, then also thanks for sharing it here....
    I had find very interesting points here......
    For instance Forum posting
    It is one of the best way to engage peoples and spread information related to your product or resources....
    Question and Answering is also the best tactic for improving the ranking of the site ..... that I had found in these points..
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    Hey buddy thanks for the efforts ,,,

    Some things are usefull in list but keep updating with time as parameters for Serps ranking are changing now the days frequently,,

    have a great day..
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    Thanks for the informative article..:)
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    I just love it when people say don't put links in your footer.
    My main site is on page 1 of G in an ultra competitive niche and it has had a site footer with links to my other articles/blog posts for all of that time.

    Don't believe anything you read on this or any other forum unless you test it yourself first. That is the only way you will know for sure if something works for you.
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    Thank you so much for the quality backlinks
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    It May be a copy pest content, but truly it is really helpful for me as a new website owner. Thanks.