How to get 10 private http proxy for free


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Apr 14, 2019
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Hi guys. In this tutorial i will teach you how to make your own private proxy fast and easy using digitalocean. The difference from other methods described here is that you don’t need to configure each server manually. We will do a small preparation and then will create our proxy’s automatically using predefined config files. Up to 10 with 1 click.

First, you need to register on digitalocean using their $50 free coupon. Just google “digital ocean 100 coupon” and go to the first site. Register using link located there. You need to confirm your account with your card, but you will no be charged, just don’t forget to cancel your proxy servers before expiration date.

Ok, you have 50 usd on your balance. Download configs attached to this manual. Now let’s configure tinyproxy.conf. Open it in text editor and locate “Allow” line, then add your/or your server ip address, or you can add multiple lines, 1 ip per line. Save it. Now you need to upload tinyproxy.conf to dedicated host, so it can be accessible by direct link from your vps console. Go to and get free domain. After that login to website panel and go to file manager. Upload file there. Check that file is accessible for downloading.

Now open and replace line with “here is your 000 domain” put there your domain address. Save it. Upload it to your web host. At this point you must have :

1)tinyproxy.conf with you ip address inside

2) with link to your tinyproxy.conf inside, uploaded to web host.

3)Both uploaded to the server and are accessible for download.

Now open digitalocean. Create new droplet. Choose Ubuntu 18.04. Then scroll to the left and choose 5 usd vps. Choose initial location for your first droplet. Then put checkbox “user data” and input there command.



- wget https://replace with you hosting address/ && sh

What that means… Every new instance you create will be configured as a proxy that is accessible from your ip only. Default port is 8888

After that you can add up to 10 instances from different locations to task and every instance will be configured as a proxy. Click on + to add droplets and enjoy free proxy. Maybe you will need to change you vps after some time.. Just delete the old ones and recreate them with user data config.

Download configs:!qvJ22QiJ!vIooA0b0SkRbp6UBO-XPYgXiLVc01YBf_oY7Hdw0-J0
acn anyonereupload the zip because is not anymoreavaible on mega. thanks!
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