How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by tankybank, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Hello BHW fam,

    I just wanted to share this article I found this week -

    Its an article on Tim Ferriss' blog (one of my favourite podcasters to listen too) from a couple of years back about how an online store (Harrys Razors) built up and email list of 100,000 to market to a week before their launch.

    Being that I am in the process of starting my own brand and store on Shopify and developing products to sell online as well, I thought this information could be helpful to some other members on this forum.

    Although this method was first introduced a couple of years ago I think this would still be an effective way of generating an audience/leads if done correctly. The article outlines exactly how they did it and what templates they used.

    I will be incorporating a similar system to this in our launch campaign and will be sure to do a thread to let those who are interested know how it goes.

    I would love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this.

    Have a great day guys!

    PS - In no way am I associated with or trying to promote Tim's blog, I just wanted to share something that helped me with other people on the hope it may help someone else :)