How to Drive Traffic from Facebook

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    It is interesting point that 50 percent traffic of Facebook is being loaded by mobile devices. This is a big advantage and showing five times more growth than any other website. This is also possible as a major that growth factor of mobile traffic indeed exceeding US growing level as compared in last year.

    Now there is more and more penetration of US Smartphone that are linked with Facebook and showing how to consume your Facebook profile. Further, please keep in mind that there are more than 4 million business engagements at Facebook page profiles. They represent as a mobile website and support the consumers or customers for next 12 months or more. So the Facebook channel can be used at major level for likes, drive more friends and engagement with mobile uses.

    What is Mobile Organic Search?

    Your Facebook finding is very easy at Google. Mobile searching is not up to page 2 but remain contacted with page 1. So you ever to be on page 1.Some strong tips for your help are given below:

    You should link your desktop site to your Facebook profile. You should show your brand name like link anchor text but not routine writing like Find us on Facebook. Please introduce some keywords in your profile name. So there will be a match between keywords and your profile at Facebook. If you have reached up to more than 100 friends then you can manually request for change to your profile but remain careful at this point.

    Use Facebook; about: and: description; areas for entering good information and keywords about yourself and add important words. You can also launch reviews through your Google places or Yelp and the respective keywords generated will increase the importance of your profile. Attach your Facebook profile from other social media places like Linkedin,Google plus and Yelp etc. Ever put your brand name in anchor text on networks like Google plus that will allow here. If you want to link between profiles then do not use or link to URL of Facebook profile but introduce tracking links. Through this process you can check activity at your other profiles as compared to Facebook profile.

    Along this if you have made a new or smaller site then you can take benefit from this by focusing on Mobile SERPs than your own site. Your Facebook ranking will be increased through this way. You should introduce a great Page Rank comparison between your Facebook profile and website. There see also many other factors that link with this and show dependence through your Facebook profile.

    What is Mobile Paid Search?

    Now a day many brands are using their Facebook page as a mobile PPC landing page campaign. Facebook is one of the best way to get the best exposure to your product, service or site. For increasing more and more mobile engagement there are some ways:
    You should connect to right landing page.Facebook will guides you to non-logged Smartphone users to; info: page. There will be occur changes time to time.
    Also move mobile users to some other Facebook landing pages, get the right path. Remember when moving to your mobile Facebook then the consumer will need a password and login. Most users lose their heart at this point resulting in low quality.
    This is also true that Facebook is most famous in Android plus iOS mobile sets. If the customers have app installed then no need to sign in here. There is also available way to open your Facebook page to Android and iOS using URL schemes.
    For viewing your brand app profile, you have to view on your Facebook and find your page_id code.By adopting this procedure you can open your app to to; info; page.
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    Sorry, buddy. Please give credit to the source, when curating content.