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    This is one of my first posts to BHW, so I hope you will find some value in what I have to share.

    If you keep up with the latest news and gossip regarding the Google algorithm and the changes made to it, you've read that Google (and other search engines such as Bing) having been using social media as part of the ranking algo for at least a year now. This includes data from Facebook regarding Likes and Twitter users re-tweeting tweets. The focus of this post is only in regards to Facebook.

    Most people are familiar with the term link bait and know the best links are the ones that come naturally; links other people build for you. This can be really difficult as the majority of people don't run websites but over 500 million people now have a Facebook account. This has given rise to a relatively new SEO term named Like bait. Like bait is exactly what it sounds like; baiting people to Like your content.

    How much value these Likes give a website in the SERPS is debatable but my own theory is that just like links, Likes that are acquired naturally have far more value than Likes that are purchased as these users often have spiderable Facebook pages with months, if not years of data.

    Not to be rude but your average Facebook user doesn't understand how to lock down their profile in order to have more privacy while others don't even care. Purchased Likes are often done from automated accounts that have little account history.

    Again, whether Google can tell the difference is up for debate but I don't feel it would be that hard to develop an algorithm to detect quality Facebook users which is why I don't purchase Likes for my websites.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that not all likes are created equal. This is because unlike purchased Likes, naturally occurring Likes continue to grow on a daily basis and as the userbase of fans increase, so does the velocity of Likes. At first you might get 1-2 Likes a day, then 5-10, then 10-20 and so on.

    Creating Like bait is far easier than creating quality link bait and the best type of site to create in order to get Likes in my experience is a niche video site. This is because:

    (A) You can source content straight from Youtube which means you don't have pay a dime for article writers or content creation. Simply open a new Youtube account, download other peoples videos, re-encode them if necessary and upload with a better title and description (most content on Youtube doesn't take advantage of basic Video SEO).

    (B) Videos are engaging and people love to share them with other people. They will email links, send them over messenger to friends and post them on other peoples Facebook profiles. No-one is going to do the same with an article even if it is great quality, at least not in any significant volume.

    So, where do you find ideas of a niche video site that you can use to launder Likes and then place links to your money site? Forums!

    Just about every niche has multiple forums which typically have a section for general discussion. It's in these sections you will often find lengthy threads where people will share interesting videos and pictures they've come across regarding the niche they enjoy.

    For example, my girlfriend loves craft and participates on craft forums (card making using cricut die cut machines). When she finds an interesting video, she will copy and paste it to the forums she participates in.

    This is great because it removes the problem of finding quality, interesting content that your visitors will enjoy because they're actively sharing the good stuff with others. Depending on the niche and forum, some of these threads will have accumulated 100's of pages, giving you a track record of which content is popular. Think of it as content that is already qualified as popular.

    Now, let's get into the nuts and bolts of getting them to your website and liking the content.

    Set up a wordpress site and install a video based theme. I use wootube because it's simple to set up and has a great layout which is also intuitive for your users to navigate.

    Next, install a Facebook Like plugin so that each video post will automatically have the Like button next do it. You will also want to install the Facebook Like widget that displays other users which have Liked your site. You will also want to install a plugin to allow people to ONLY comment with their Facebook account. Disable wordpress comments, they have no value at all and only attract spammers. As of yet, Facebook comment spammers really don't exist.

    In my experience, people don't Like what people don't Like, so create 5-10 Facebook accounts and use profile pictures that are warm and friendly. You could purchase these Likes but I feel it's better to create a few dupe accounts which can be re-used on each new Like bait site. It's something I like to term as "seed Likes". This will give your widget personality, familiarity and will give it momentum. Start with a small widget and as you get more fans, increase the size of the widget to reflect this.

    Next, you need content.

    On big forums that have threads with 100's of pages, most users won't remember the content shared back at the beginning to mid pages. Download this content, upload it to your site and then share it in the same thread. BEFORE you do this, please read the important section below.

    Most forum participants can spot spam/self promotion a mile away so for this reason, it's important your account has a few posts tied to it before contributing a video to share. Don't post a link to your website! Post a link to your video on Youtube.

    Remember, because you're posting an on-topic video, it's far less likely they will react negatively than if you just posted a direct link to your Like bait website. It's also important that your website doesn't have any links to your money sites until it has enough momentum that people will instantly Like the site regardless.

    Place a link to your website in the Youtube video description. E.G - WEBSITE URL - For more videos like this, visit this site - WEBSITE URL

    Post 2-3 videos a week with titles that reflect good video SEO and always post your link first in the video description.

    Post links to your Youtube videos on other forums in the same niche. Soon enough, these people will begin to post your videos in other threads and forums. You will also begin to see people link directly to your website.

    That's right, you've now got link bait that was derived from Like bait and many thousands of Likes and Fans of your site. Disable Wordpress comments and only enabling Facebook comments is a big part of this; your average net surfer is far more familiar with Facebook and will post a comment. Plus, they are now giving you free content on a daily basis.

    Now We Can Launder Our Links To Our Money Sites!

    At this point, you should have an established "Like base" and can begin to post small articles along with your videos and drop your links in the article so that they are some what contextual. You can make any niche related to another by making analogies or off the cuff remarks and this is how you will insert your links. Let's look at an example of a craft related Like bait site linking out to a credit card website.

    "Hey guys, here is a video demonstrating some of the latest craft creations that XYZ has made. Boy, she sure spends a lot of money on craft! She probably maxed her credit card out on this latest purchase!"

    Obviously, we're linking out to a credit card website in this example but the content of the video is all craft related which will generate Likes and discussion via the Facebook comment plugin. You could even hide the link by changing it's colour but I don't think it's necessary as most people don't read the article and just watch the video; perfect!

    Controversial Cotent Makes The Best Like Bait!

    I have an MMA Like bait site that has short clips of the best knock outs in the UFC and other MMA events. I don't have any personal interest in MMA but millions of people do and they will argue back and forth about who is right, who is wrong and so forth and they'll do it all while Liking your content. My MMA Like bait site is closing in on 100k Likes to the Fanpage alone and has countless Likes on each individual post. The site is also a PR5 website; I didn't do any backlinking to this site at all.

    BUT, like any link building activity, there are potential dangers and this lies in the fact you are recycling/borrowing (some may say you are stealing) other peoples videos and sometimes they will report you to Youtube and your videos will be removed.

    This has happened to me (I've never had an account deleted though, only individual videos) and my response has been to create a new Youtube channel and upload new videos to that new account instead.

    Don't delete the old videos but be prepared that some videos with high amount of views can and will be removed. All in all, it's not a very big issue to contend with and even if the videos are removed, the Likes on your website remain.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading my Like bait tutorial.

    While I certainly didn't come up with the idea of Like bait, I don't see many people using it as part of their linking strategy even though Google is now taking more and more notice of social websites to indicate whether a site is quality or not.

    The sites I link out to from my Like bait websites have experienced positive results in the SERPS; many are top 3 for some what competitive markets and broad range of PR from 1-5.

    If you have any questions, ask away.
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    This is good stuff - I'm working on building out better FB Like pages with incentives for the Like (coupons, savings, free video content, training etc etc etc.) but this a great "nuts and bolts" look at the entire process, from content sourcing, to getting Likes, to creating links from them, and moving on towards monetization. Nice share.
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    Great post. If you've got good original content you can seed with Reddit traffic too. They hate when you just embed a video in a blog post or something, but with good OC you'll get substantial traffic and see substantial sharing start across facebook and twitter.
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    I didn't even consider using Reddit as a traffic source even though I browse it every bloody day!