HOW to configure digi traffic accelerator for captcha sniper?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by dev007, Mar 6, 2012.

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    hello every one
    please some one help me out

    i have captcha sniper an digi traffic accelerator
    but i dont know how to configure them both for the best function!!!

    please help out

    thanks :)
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    I don't have digi traffic, but I have captcha sniper. Does digi traffic use decaptcher natively? If so you really don't have to do anything but check off for it to use the hosts file.
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    DTA is only set up to use:

    (1). Death By Captcha
    (2). ByPass Captcha
    (3). Decaptcher

    There is no API for Captcha Sniper.

    Having said that, if you measured what Andy states that you will be getting versus the facts, you are going to be disappointed with DTA.

    DTA states that they have approximately 1500 SB sites in their system.

    They also state that you will see approximately 500 accounts created on each sign-up.

    Those numbers sound great but they are FAR from the truth.

    Here is the truth.

    *Signing up for accounts using elite proxies and Death By Captcha on an i7 with 14.29 Mbps DL speed, took an hour and twenty minutes to complete. I tested that eight times and each time, each run took about an hour and a half to complete.

    *When I went into each of the email accounts the results reveal that apparently DTA is hit or miss when it comes to activating the email confirmation links.

    *Out of each account creation attempt, on average DTA indicated that it succeeded in creating 231 accounts and was unable to auto confirm 131 accounts.

    *Out of 8 email runs, DTA stated that I was able to acquire 501 live accounts.

    *Of those 501 live accounts, when went to do "1" link posting run, I ended up with only 216 BLs.

    *After checking those links, the majority of the sites were low quality sites = PR 0 and no traffic.

    In summation, you are getting a very low ROI for a lot of effort.

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