How to Avoid Takedowns

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    Meet Jeremy,

    Jeremy owns a site that gives out shady content. A man named Ted finds his ebook on Jeremy's site and decides they want it taken down. Ted contacts the DMCA and files a complaint along with emailing Jeremy. Jeremy now has Ted's email. He makes a small page on the site that deals with dmca issues and uses a basic php script to get Ted's IP. He emails Ted telling him to check out the page and gives him a link to the page on his server. He also tells Ted that if he has any new complaints to contact him directly next time.

    After Ted views the page Jeremy has his IP added into the .txt file. To make sure it was Ted the .txt file also included the referring url which should show up as a mail address such as or might not be the case if outlook is used). Next Jeremy makes an exception using php to make it seem like the file was removed just for Ted's IP therefore making it so others can view the file once again.

    Of course this won't work in situations where:
    1) Ted does not email Jeremy.
    2) Ted uses proxies or has different networks he connects to or has a dynamic IP.
    3) Ted keeps rechecking the site for the file over and over to ensure it was removed and his IP changes during that time.
    4) Jeremy's Hosting sucks.

    Jeremy may have to take the file down if his site has been taken down momentarily by the hosting company to ensure removal.

    Also if Jeremy has a large log of ips that accessed the site and a name of the person asking for the take down he can do Google/FB research to figure out where they live and reference his log for an ip that is located in the same area. Most logs do this for you but hxxp:// also works.

    The php code for the ip gathering is available below just put it at the top of a php page and make sure the page is not empty or it will look fishy.

    Also make sure you have a file called ips.txt uploaded to the server.

    $myFile "ips.txt";
    $fh fopen($myFile'a') or die("can't open file");
    $stringdata "[".$ip."]\n [".$camefrom."]\n [dmca]\n\n";
    This is only meant for educational purposes, use at your own risk. When you play with fire you could die... painfully.
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    Interesting method. Not anything I'd personally use as I don't use stolen content, but I do appreciate the time you took doing the writeup and including the script, so thanks given.
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