How To Automatically Bill Clients A Different Amount Each Month

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    Hey BHW,
    Just wanted to share some newly found knowledge with you guys. I did a search for "recurring billing" on the forum and found most people looking to bill the same amount each month. Paypal can easily do that no problem.

    But what about if you offer a service and your payment various from month to month and you want to automatically bill the client?

    Say for example you generate leads for a client and the client agrees to pay you $10 per lead every 30 days. Each month you want to be able to automatically pull the money from the clients account without requesting the client to manually send you the payment.

    So for example:
    Month 1 = $500
    Month 2 = $350
    Month 3 = $700

    Another common scenario would be maybe you offer a remote VPS or you have a phone technical support that charges by the minute. At the end of the billing cycle, you could automatically pull the money from the clients account without asking them to make a payment. The client would initially submit their credit card to the system and agree to the terms so they would be aware of the entire process.

    You want to automatically pull this amount each month automatically. So how can you do this?

    The answer is a concept known as "metered billing"

    With metered billing, the client submits their credit card information and agrees to be automatically billed each month based on the terms you set with them. Obviously if you bill them incorrectly they may dispute the transaction. But overall its a convenience for you and the client and eliminates the need for the client to have to manually process any payment. They just get an invoice from you with the funds already withdrawn.

    I did some Googling and discovered the following companies that seem to offer this.
    If anyone can contribute to the list or provide more feedback, we can all benefit. As an additional note, some of these companies require you to do some custom api programming to setup the "metered billing" part.

    Here are the companies I found that offer metered billing in case anyone is interested: (i talked with their support and you need to use an api)

    FYI, some of these companies even have an affiliate program in case you know someone that could benefit.

    Hope this helps someone, its going to help me! :)
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    check emember! There's a nulled version in here but i recommend you to buy it it worth it's price
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