How to add advertisements into a app created with App Inventor [How-To]

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    Hi, this is my first guide/tutorial/share with blackhatworld. I have decided to create this topic because I am new to App Inventor and this was a problem that I had encountered and could not find any real up-to date help for this issue. Because I am new to this if anyone has a better way, and I am almost certain there is a better way to do what I am doing, please share it. I will try to add as many images as possible to my post to assist with anyone who gets stuck or is unsure on what I mean. I am also assuming that the skill level of the person reading this is also very new to the whole scene, so if it is too expanded for you I am sorry.

    If you are unsure what App Inventor is please have a look at:

    The advertisement network that I will be using is: am not sure whether mobparnter is legitimate, as I have not published any apps yet.)

    What you will need:
    • A valid email address
    • A TLD and Website Hosting
    • A Valid email address
    Okay, so step 1. Head on over to and register a new account.

    sign up.jpg

    Once you are on the sign-up section, fill in all your data and for the account type, select "Publisher".


    Once you have selected publisher, an automatic box will appear where you will input the description of your activity. For this what I wrote was "I am an aspiring app developer who is looking for a method of monetizing my work.". This seemed to work for me. Now that this page is complete you will be taken to the traffic sources. Because I had not released any of my applications yet, I selected the 'other' option and chose the Web Site option. For this I entered my TLD, and a quick brief description that related to my website. A screenshot of what is needed can be seen below:


    The next section is about the visitors that you will be targeting with the advertisements that you will be using on your app(s). For this I just used best guess and included information that I took from my Google Adsense reports. I will not show a screenshot of this section as it is straight forward. However you should not that for the promotion Ad-Unit type I selected 'Banner'.Section 4. I also filled in the campaign information which will be unique to your campaign, so I cannot really show you what it should look like. However for the commission type, and this is just my preference I chose Cost Per Click (CPC) and with a minimum pay-out of $10.


    Once you submit, your application will be sent into review. My account activation took around 12 hours I believe. Once it is activated you will receive an email.The next step that I did, and I believe is correct is to login to your account on mob partner and click on the Traffic Sources tab. Then if you scroll down you will see the site that you signed up with. Now on the ad unit select the Banner option to retrieve the HTML code for it.


    Now go to your desktop and create a HTML document. I named mine (bannerad.html) and within the document insert the code.

    Once it is uploaded login to your App Inventor Account and select your project. Once on this under the User Interface Palette select the WebViewer and drag it over to your desired location. For the properties what I did was keep the FollowLinks checked, uncheck PromptforPermission and UsesLocation, Changed visible to showing and for the dimensions I used width: Fill Parent - height: 60 pixels. And for the home URL I used the location of the file which we uploaded to our webhost earlier. (


    And thats it. I hoped this helped you. If anyone has any questions about App Inventor or any steps that I have said please comment. :)
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    thanks for the share. I've been also in apps development. and wanted to learn how will i place some ads