How Should I Sell This Domain?


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Jun 9, 2008
First off, I'm not trying to use this thread to sell this domain... just asking how I should sell it...

I have a domain that has sort of been sitting in limbo for the past year. It gets around 2k+ visitors per month with a huge spike at the end of the year.

The market can be monetized for up to around $2k per month during the winter months, which I was doing last year. However, it was sort of a headache having to constantly maintain the revenue from the site. Plus, a similar site got smacked for trademark issues and I haven't felt like ramping up this site monetization wise.

My question is this...

I know nothing about selling domains, so how could I go about selling this site? If it is capable of making $2k for at least 2-3 months out of the year with about half that on regular months, how much would it sell for?

I think I saw something saying you could sell a domain for 3-6 times its monthly revenue value. So that would be something like $4k-7k or am I way off here? Is the value going to be affected by it having a trademark in the url?

Thanks in advance for any input you domain selling gurus can offer...
I don't buy TM's anymore, but from experience you can get between 4 and 12 months rev. However you will have to have actual proof of how much you made for the last year or so to get it. If the name makes 2k on a good month and 1k on a regular month, thats 15k per year. It should turn between 3.6k and 15k depending on the risk and ease of monetization. If you can't provide proof of income, plan on getting a lot less.

The domains with traffic forum on Namepros or DnForum would be a good start if you don't care about risking posting the name publicly. If you want to stay under the radar I'd look for people buying traffic names in the names wanted forum on those same sites.
Longover, Contact me please I will have a good chat with you about this.
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