How should I sell a niche side project? (SaaS)


Mar 13, 2019
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Hi there!

I'm a software developer with a 9-5 job, in my free time I like to learn new cool technologies. Usually, I learn the basics and build a small 'real world' application with it.
This time I built a simple job portal. After searching online, it seems that plenty of people buy this type of software.
  • HTML or Wordpress templates for 20-60 USD with hundreds of sales.
  • Others sell it like a Software as a Service around 250 USD a month.
I would like to get a small passive income (500 USD) by selling this as a SaaS, if I’m targeting the US market maybe 50-100 USD a month would be an affordable price.

Who should I target? My first thoughts are local recruiting companies and local newspapers/radios so that they can charge local businesses.

I sent 20 emails (very low I know) with basically a survey asking what they are using now, features missing, would they consider buying one, etc. No one replied.

Cold calling is tough for me due to my working hours and native language (Spanish), maybe I could get a freelancer on commission but I doubt it.

So, what are your thoughts on selling something like this, should I try cold emailing to hundreds or send DM's via Twitter or Facebook. Should I continue with a ‘market test’ survey or try to sell it in the first email? Any strategy that could help me succeed?