How proxies avoid detection by Reddit


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Feb 27, 2018
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From what I have read even the best residential proxies are not static, so IP addresses will change up to many times a day. Is this not easily distinguishable from normal user behavior for Reddit? If Reddit (logically) can detect and ban accounts managed using datacenter proxies, why wouldn't they do the same for accounts with patterns of usage that are consistent with using residential proxies?

What experiences have you guys had with using proxy services to manage Reddit accounts and/or other social media sites where you're logged into the accounts and using them over many months?

For me it's been more about keeping my profiles encapsulated in their own containers.
According to my experience, VPN or datacenter IPs don't really matter for daily Reddit uses, but it does matter when you registering the accounts.
please tell me how to authorize many reddit accounts so that they are not banned at the entrance? the proxy is not suitable, because I set a proxy for each account and still ban
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