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  1. proxyarmy

    ⭕★⭕PROXY.ARMY⭕★⭕ 44 Million Residential STATIC IPs⭕★⭕UNLIMITED TRAFFIC⭕★⭕$0.19 per session⭕★⭕✅FREE TEST!✅

    FAQ Is it Residential? Yes. All of our IPs are static and Residential only. How much bandwidth/data can I use? Data is unlimited, with no throttling. I am a heavy user. Can I use 1000 proxy connections from different countries at once? That’s not a problem! You can use even 5000 proxies at...
  2. ProxyStore - Static Datacenter Proxies, Static ISP Proxies, Sticky and Rotating Residential Proxies

  3. jharr53301


    ULTRA FAST UK 4G PROXIES - NEVER GET BLOCKED AGAIN Comment BHW DISCOUNT for £19.99 off your first month! Comment TRIAL ME for a free 24hour trial! Skype: [email protected] Email: [email protected]
  4. D

    Can anyone recommend working residential or private proxies for Kijiji ?

    So far I have tried: Most of these flat out dont load the site and if they do I cant register an account or login. I have proxies that work on facebook etc, doesnt make sense that a lower ranked site can somehow detect my proxies... Or does it ?
  5. Loklush

    Need proxy & gmail account for Jarvee [URGENT]

    I need residential proxies or 4G mobile proxies & gmail account for youtube for running Jarvee software Total I need 10gmail & proxy If you have please reply on this threads
  6. Proxyverse - ✅ 70M+ Residential IPs as low as $5/GB ✅ 3500+ Locations ✅ No Expiration ✅ Exclusive BHW Discount ✅

    Pricing of Proxyverse's Residential Proxies: Minimum 5GB $10/GB 5GB+ $9/GB 10GB+ $8/GB 25GB + $7/GB 100GB+ $6/GB 250GB+ $5/GB PM for a 10% discount! Proxyverse' Refund Policy: All customers are eligible for a refund in correlation to their used data. If 20% of their data was used, an 80%...
  7. mrankin - Seriously Reliable Dedicated & Shared Anonymous HTTPS Proxies

  8. D

    Get Access to 100M+ Oxylabs' Residential Proxy Pool with a 20% Discount Exclusive for BHW

    Pricing of Oxylabs' Residential Proxies: Starter plan - 300$/20GB (works with the coupon code) Business plan - 600$/50GB (works with the coupon code) Corporate plan - 900$/100GB Enterprise plan - starts from 5000$/month Oxylabs' Refund Policy: All customers are eligible for 3-day money-back...
  9. HydraProxy

    US 4G Mobile & Residential Proxies | NO Monthly Commitment | Unlimited Access | Flexible Billing - 20% BHW DISCOUNT

    Contact Links: Mail: [email protected] Skype: Telegram:
  10. Dor_NetNut 10M+ ⚡ FAST Residential Proxies Static & Rotating ↪️ ️24/7 Active IPs ✅ 20% OFF LIFETIME ⚡

    NetNut Residential Proxy Network Super Fast Static & Rotating Residential IPs Directly from Worldwide ISPs Gather any web data & Never get blocked. Over 10 Million Residential IPs 24/7 IP Availability Premium Static & Rotating IPs One-hop ISP Connectivity City / State Selection >> Get your...
  11. S

    Wanting To Create A Proxy Selling Website - Datacenter and Residentials

    Hey guys, So i've been a long time bhw member, just lurking and slowly building knowledge. I've had a few minor successes, but am hoping to invest in an official business. Proxy Reselling. Now, piggybacking off this post -...
  12. Nekronomikon

    Which Proxy Type is Best for Safe Spotify Botting?

    Do I really need expensive residential proxies for safe spotify botting? Which alternatives are out there, that are cheaper and won't get me busted? Edit: Sorry for the repost, forgot the tags in the last thread
  13. Impressor

    [Beta Testers] for an Intelligent Rotating Proxy Solution

    Looking for beta testers for an API-based proxy service. We've been into development of a premium proxy service since quite some time and our back-end has been operational for a while. Nearing our launch, we're looking for some reviewers and beta testers who would be interested in testing our...
  14. JetBlack101

    Best Residential Proxies?

    So, I am trying to have multiple laptops working from my house and have multiple non-datacenter IP addresses. I've never invested in US Residential Proxies. Is there a better service than others? They all seem pretty expensive. I would only need about 25 of them. Are residential proxies...
  15. leandros

    [Journey] Create "Residential Proxies for Cheap" Service

    Hello Everyone. I am in the botting game since 2012. I am planning to start a new Residential Proxies company. I decided this step because the simple fact that proxies are 20 - 30% of my costs, so I want to develop my own proxies company. First thing, I had to decide which kind of proxies...
  16. flashsites

    Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies

    Hi I've been looking for Russian Rotating Backconnect Residential Proxies for a while now. Why are they so hard to find? Any recs?
  17. Chris.Roark

    Research: How Much Proxy Bandwidth Uses An Instagram Account

    Hi guys, while this is related to proxies, I think it's best I post it here because many of you use bandwidth-priced proxies on Instagram (such as 4G or residential proxies). TL:DR findings: an account on IG, via Jarvee uses up to 2.4 MB of data for: Account Setup - 6.9 MB (tried login several...
  18. bmorgan

    Please recommend a Backconnect Residential proxy for Google CTR bot

    Hi BHW friends, I want to send traffic to my website using a traffic bot. Can you recommend a Backconnect Residential proxy provider? Especially if you have had experience of using it with CTR improvement.
  19. T

    Which type of proxies do you use for multi-account management?

    As far as I know, there are no residential proxy providers that may sell you static IPs from real ISP for an acceptable price (I know about Luminati, but their proxies are overpriced and they will make you pass KYC before buying). So if you try to use residential proxies with your bulk accounts...
  20. QuanticIT

    Static Residential Proxy 4G or LandLine

    Hi, I need static residential proxy provider, 4G will be great but landline will work, USA Location and popular ISP. Give me some suggestion. It must be static no rotating. Socks or https both will work.