how peoples are using plugrush with tumblr


Feb 13, 2012
In tumblr i see lots of peoples are using the plugrush to earn money but plugrush doesn't allow to add tumblr as source to put the ads i think they don't allow tumblr anymore for ads.

i really wonder how people are using plugrush ads on the tumblr
What you can do is make an adult site, monetize it with plugrush and direct traffic to it by using tumblr. That's how it goes down these days.
You can't create an adzone in plugrush for a tumblr. But people probably use iframes and add the adzones from their other sites.
I wouldn't mess with all that, personally.
Tumblr has banned a lot of sites that were using plugrush ads. So you've to build your own site and use tumblr only to get traffic as sayd by erickishere. You risk to get banned in you use ads from plugrush
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