how much to sell for

I don't think it is worth a lot, but who knows you might find buyers that place a good price.
i'll say its worth $100...not much more...but its not 'worthless' as some ppl say
It's worthless, waste of $10

Seem to notice this type of stuff coming from a lot of people who are not native english speakers. Not an insult, just an observation.
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nay, it won't worth anything, imo.

Unless you put amazon ads relating to his biography, his book, or some conspiracy stuffs that gives commission.
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IMHO this won't fetch you much more than you registered it for. Maybe $20 max
You werent by any chance one of those losers trying to sell type domains for 50000 bucks a couple of months back were you?
If you send an email to President Obama he may pay u a couple million to your for it...I have a feeling the route he would use to acquire these funds is by doing the same things he has been doing so far in his presidency....printing money out of thin air!:usa:
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