how much to sell for

I'll trade you two fish sticks and dipping ranch.

it is pretty much worthless, aside for fish sticks
what do you mean it is worthless!

Even if the spelling is wrong, it is still worth something since who is going to check how it really spells, when someone search it on google and this domain name comes up, and they click on it if the content is related to the search.

Think about all the possibilities you can do with it, JUST FOR HAVING this domain name having a popular names!!

Don't you think so?
If he wins the war against terrorism AND bring down global warming to normal levels, and bring the US economy back to normal, create millions of great jobs, bring about world peace, bring health industry back to sanity, make the Dollar grow the strongest, bring back sanity to schools, solve gay marriage issues, solve housing/banking/etc issues, bring down corruption to zero, blah, blah, blah, much sooner than later, then you can demand a million dollars for the domain... else... :sad6:
Don't sell - Keep it and push a Presidential Sex Tape. Barack Obama and Tiger Woods in a four way sex escapade with two norwegian foot models.

Fuck yea.
ya, sorry to say its worth not very much. One lesson you can learn about SEO is that just because the words alone are popular doesnt mean your onto a winner. Anyway mate have you checked out your competition....goodluck with a decent ranking.
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hmm..i think u should ask Obama directly.....he may like it and give u decent $$ for it:D
well that sucks!

I thought it would at least be worth $1000's for those who know how to make money out of this domain.

So any takers! (maybe you can work this domain for something for your own needs!)
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