How Many Sites are on Your Hosting Account?

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    Oct 5, 2011
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    If you've got a Shared host:

    • How many sites you have hosted?
    • What types of sites are they?
    • How do you keep your resources down to avoid being booted from your host?
    I'll start:

    • I have 15 domains hosted (Mostly niche. A couple landing pages. One is my personal blog.) Including subdomains... there's a lot ;-)
    • 12 of my 15 are Wordpress. The other 3 are static landing pages.
    • I'm currently JPEGmini'ing my images before uploading, I run HyperCache on all my Wordpress installs, and I have CloudFlare quasi-CDN running on each of the sites. Also protects from spam bots and other nasties - I'm watching you guys ;-)
    I'm ALWAYS looking for better ways to speed up my sites and keep resources down so if anyone has any other advice feel free to add them below.