How many Roadblocks did you get on Facebook


Apr 14, 2009
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Hi all,

Just want to share some experiences in operating accounts on Facebook. As we know, Facebook become more and more strict these days, most of accounts may get roadblock when adding/messaging/posting...etc with our Facebook accounts. How many kinds of roadblocks did you meet? Let me share the roadblocks which I ever got first.

1) Phone Verified
This is the one of the most common roadblocks. It usually appears when you created new accounts. After create some new accounts, no matter you use different private proxies and clear cookies to create multiple accounts, you still need to put in phone numbers to verify your accounts. Don't know how to avoid this kind of roadblock at present, maybe we can use one phone number to verify some accounts as PVA, then delete the phone number from the account after bypass the roadblock, recover to Non PVA.

2) Phone Re-verified
Another one of the most common roadblocks. This only act on PVAs which just start to add friends. When you start to add friends for your new PVAs, if you add many friends in a short time, but there are few friends accept your friend requests, most of them ignore or report you, your account may get this kind of roadblock. Need to input the re-verified code from the phone number which used to verify the account. So the better way to avoid this roadblock is that we don't add too many friends in the beginning, try to add friends in a reasonable range. It may not get this checkpoint after you got some friends but with few pending friend requests.

3) Friend Photo Verified
It is really frustrating to get this roadblock when the account has alreally got many targeted friends. It usually happened after account got more than 7 friends, so it doesn't be found in new accounts. I haven't find a good method to unlock this kind of roadblock, unless use tool to contrast friends' pictures with the friend list. If anyone have good solution, it would be great to share here.

4) Photo ID Verified
This may be the highest lever roadblock on Facebook, you have to upload a ID/Passport/Driver License picture to bypass this roadblock. There may be some factors to cause this trouble, such as proxy change IP to login accounts frequently, login account with different cookies, too many pending frend requests, many people report you and so on. If you implement with a fake account,it may be hard to bypass it.

Also there are other simple roadblocks, such as 7 days/ 15 days/ 30 days stopping adding checkpoint, birthday roadblock, IP roadblock, captcha checkpoint...etc. Which one do you get mostly, and any other specific roadblocks to share?

Maybe I am a bit dim but the whole site seems like a ROADBLOCK to me!


A complete waste of time and space :eek:
Not wanna be a dick, but Lively has the worse FB accounts. All their gets ID verification, and they're created on ''unique'' IPs.
Not wanna be a dick, but Lively has the worse FB accounts. All their gets ID verification, and they're created on ''unique'' IPs.

Thanks for refering our service here, but if you have any question or suggest about our service, welcome to post your review on our sale thread on BHW. And if you have any good experience in how to avoid getting roadblock or bypass kinds of roadblock, it would be grateful.

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