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How Google Know, and Show closely matching queries ?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Iurii Borysov, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Jul 7, 2016
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    Yes, There are two question in my mind.

    First :- How Google know when I search for Apple, I am searching about a phone or a fruit ?

    The answer is Google have eye on everything you visit and suffer over internet. It use that data to determine results for you. So if you searched for a apple in past and visited Apple I phone website many time, It will show you results about Company Apple including one or two results in options at bottom about fruit as well. Now do a thing just ignore the apple company results and visit fruits results for some day you will see a dramatic change in result as google will start giving you more results about apple tree or fruits and its specification. So its clear that Google notice and record every users experience on Google, what they visit, how long they stay there, what they read and everything to show results and ads. Now suppose you are a first time visitor for keyword apple, what will Google show you ? It will show you most visited pages, relevant content which have quality information about the searched query apple. Conclusion is user experience and more visits on your page for a certain keyword is important fact to boost your website for a certain keyword.

    Second : How Google determine Matching Queries for a certain keyword ?

    I was closely noticing the Google behavior about how it will take matching queries in count. Suppose I am a first time visitor for my name Iurii Borysov, but in past 6 month before I had searched for Yuri Borisov or Yuriy Borysov or anything like Iuri Borysov. It will show you results about Iurii Borysov as well as will show you results for other name as well. Why because google think you visited this at past, maybe you are seeking similar information again ? Based on the user experience and clicks any url will get for your keywords it will show the closely matching term pages on results. Importance in closely matched result will be given to pages with quality content more visits, more time of user on website, which I said as better user experience and authority pages linking towards you.

    Originally posted on my website http://www.iuriiborysov.com/how-google-know-and-show-closely-matching-queries/

    Whats your thoughts on this ?
    Also How you can eliminate matching query results in google for any particulate keyword ?