How does Mylikes make money?

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    I know that when I get clicks on a link Mylikes pays me commission for how well I generate clicks but how does Mylikes get the money to pay their publishers? How do those articles that us publishers publish on our social media help you guys be able to acquire money to pay us? I'm wondering because most of the articles aren't leading people to BUY something, so I'm wondering where and how large amounts of money come up to be able to pay up to $10,000/day to publishers from entertainment purpose only articles.

    Also, I'm interested in creating my own PPC/CPC company where I post my own articles to my own website for commission and people can click on links to be directed to my personalized website. (Because I want visitors to be appealed when they come to read among an article, and Mylikes doesn't have very appealing website layouts. Basically, I don't want it to look spammy.)

    Thanks for any help