How does Instafame never trigger suspicious login?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Yeehaw22, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Howdy Partners,

    I have been using Instafame and I'm somewhat privy to it. I've been frequenting a lot of rodeos from down here in Texas to other parts of the world like Spain, and the one thing that holds true is that, no matter where I am, when Instafame validates my account in the registration signup window, it never, ever, ever triggers the 'Suspicious Login' screen, only the 'Yes, this is me' screen with a GPS location. In comparison, Follow Liker will trigger the suspicious login screen. I regard Follow Liker as a more technically advanced program (though different in scope) so this has me wondering what's going on.

    - Is there a chance that Instafame somehow has been whitelisted by Instagram? My thought -- absolutely not
    - Is there a chance that Instafame has used an advanced machine learning approach to deduce exactly what criteria instagram uses to make the distinction between the two screens? Highly unlikely for such a small gain
    - Is there common knowledge that I am unaware of?

    Has anyone ever encountered the 'Suspicious Logon' screen when trying to register on Instafame? I'm also wondering if any of you cowboys have ever been forced to reset your password by instafame.

    YEeeeeeeeee HAW!
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    Exactly what's happening with me! I use instajool and whenever i try to add account my phone's screen lits up with suspicious login attempt and my account fails to get added.