How do you get 100k points a day using addmefast?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by BuritoBandito, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Jan 8, 2014
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    How do you get 100k points a day using addmefast? What i do is create email accounts and then sign up with fb with that account. Then i use the imacro script for facebook to like the page and or follow (in my experience they usually pay the most in points). With this config, the new fb account will last typically 1-2 hours before fb suspends it and back i go to create more emails domains and sign up to fb again. Is there a simplier way than this because i can't sleep while the bot is going due to the fact that twitter or fb will suspend the accounts in less than 2 hours. On top of that im avg 10k points a day on 1 comp doing things this way. I recently am doing 2 comps to get more points but thats no where near the 100k mark ppl have done it. Its a pain to create accounts and sign up every 2 hours, let alone i would have to double that since im running it on both comps. Not only that but the bot can't run throughout the night. Can you guys suggest your methods so that i can increase my pointage or if you guys know of any software (preferably free, if not, paid) bots to create accounts and automate better.
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    social points bot is paid but works wonders.
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    is that even really possible?? 100k is like 99k more than i get right now,but then again I've only found that the imacros bot is the only thing that really works for me, and I'm really cautious because i don't want to get banned