1. viking011

    Imacros help needed

    Hi guys! I am pretty new to all this stuff and found the imacro extension by a recommendation from a user on a previous thread I posted. I recorded my macro and I can loop it thru the play function buy I need to have the component that is filled be different every loop I am pasting the macro...
  2. L

    [Premium Imacro] question

    Good day all. I have a question concerning imacro. I can't import my csv file on my imacro, so i was thinking that you have to subscribe to their premium service to use it. Anyone know how their premium service works? All answers will be highly appreciated.
  3. L

    Anyone knows how to import csv file in imacro?

    I tried to import a csv file... But i can't find it on imacro. Any solution?
  4. Dark Ace

    Need Imacro Twitter Retweet Script .

    Can someone please share twitter retweet script for imacro. I want to retweet from a specific profile using imacro. Please help .
  5. MrFady

    iMacros Code for Instagram

    Hello BlackHatters I want an iMacros code " a command line " to click on the first photo in the ( Most Recent ) part in a specific Tag search. Because CLICK command didn't work also I tried EVENT command but couldn't make it:weep: If you can write that command line I will appreciate it Thanks...
  6. MrFady


    Hello black hatters, If there's anyone with a working iMacros code for Instagram auto Like, comment, follow and unfollow. Please reply to this thread I'm using an old version of firefox so I still can use iMacros with it, but all my codes are outdated and not working anymore, I tried to edit...
  7. deathass01

    Twitter follow/unfollow imacro

    Hi All, I needed an imacro to do this and couldn't find one so here's one that i made, just go to your twitter list and scroll down to load the whole page, paste this into your imacro VERSION BUILD=7601105 RECORDER=FX TAB T=1 TAG POS={{!LOOP}} TYPE=SPAN ATTR=TXT:Follow WAIT SECONDS=2 you...
  8. savobaby

    [Hiring] Need A Bot Made For An Adult Website

    I'm in need of a simple bot to do a few things for within an adult website, please send me a message on here with your Skype name so that we can discuss the full project there, as I don't wish to provide specific details in this forum.
  9. ergoprime

    Auto Adding Pinterest Users to Boards

    Do you know of a software/script that gives me the possibility to automate adding users to boards? Something like iMacros or Murgaa Recorder would be okay. The best case would be if I only had to add a username into a field once and then the script adds the user into various boards.
  10. L

    iMacro Error Ignore

    I have been searching far and wide throughout google to no avail. I am really hungry for some wisdom and guidance as I am new to this! :) MY IMACRO CODE SET !ERRORIGNORE YES URL GOTO=https: (URL LINK GOES HERE) TAG POS=1 TYPE=* ATTR=TXT:1NEW CONTENT=EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND SET !ERRORIGNORE NO...
  11. B

    Imacros for comments Instagram

    Hell Guys!! I was using Instagress and it shut down, then I shifted to peerboost that too shut down yesterday. I got info that even Massplanner has shut down. So all I am left with is Imacros and I want I macros for comments on instagram (big sentences not just smileys) can someone give me the...
  12. C

    YoulikeHits Imacro Script

    Youlikehits Generate clicks, likes, retweets, followers, shares (everything u can imagine) for ure webpage youtube videos twitter or facebook account and much more. Automate your earnings with this free iMacro Scripts. (tested in Firefox and imacro gui browser) Now available...
  13. DeLaGarde

    Trying to shut down select Firefox profiles via Batch file

    Was hoping I would get a helping hand on what seemed like a simple task, but a task I have been unable to solve even after pouring some hours into it, namely: how to shut down selected Firefox profiles using a Batch file. I have a batch file that starts up a bunch of Firefox profiles and gets...
  14. F

    AddMeFast iMacros script error

    I have a problem with my iMacros script for Instagram likes. When someone titles their post as "Like" iMacros clicks on the text "like" instead of clicking on the green like button. Does anyone know how I can directly target the green like button? Thank you in advance.
  15. RSXGTI

    Imacro For Facebook Scheduling.

    Hi guys, I am looking for an Imacro which can upload images from a file and schedule them on facebooks own scheduling tool. I would rather schedule them all on facebook itsself rather then use a tool like hootsuite so please do not recommend me anything like hootsuite. Thanks
  16. D

    Pinterest Follow iMacro or Bot

    Hi, I desperately need a bot or script that goes through the 'about this pin' section (where it shoes who has pinned the photo) and goes into all of the peoples profiles and follows them. If you need more information about the section I am talking about. Click on a pin, scroll right down and...
  17. C

    Stucked HELP (Imacros)

    Hello everyone, and therefore decided to create a bot to guard circumvention. the round buttons are protection and do not know how to get around something maybe you can help? Skype irmantass89 IMG how butons looks like: i Trying to create that bot whit imacros if anyone can help? to solve...
  18. M

    Imacro program - need help with upgrade for firefox

    Greetings, I have a imacro program for automatically upvoting friends. It no longer works with the latest Firefox update. Is there someone who can take a look at the program and get it to run again? Thanks.
  19. clickfast

    Scripts Imacro Facebook

    Good morning, good afternoon and good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am here to ask you if you have imacro scripts for Facebook to do the following function 1º add random people in a group on facebook 2º send message to all friends 3º send message to random persons of group any of these...
  20. SweetMike

    Addmefast IMacro Script - 2016 - Working

    Hello, since I just got back in the CPA game, I thought that I would share a script that I made for addmefast. Addmefast is great for spamming or getting up your social profiles with fake stats, I use them all the time What you will need: 1) newest firefox version 2)newest imacro version 3)a...
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