How do this?


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Apr 8, 2011
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Hi! I'm newbie here!
Great forum!

So, one friend added 1,000 fans in my facebook page only for two hours!

I want understand how he do this? Anyone ?:confused:

I search books for facebook marketing. :cool:
Hi there! welcome to the forum!

is it really your fanpage? i mean that you've made this page, right?

there are many ways, few of them are :

1. use twiends
2. spamming
3. like button (put it through high traffic website)
4. hire microworkers
5. post a status update to big facebook pages, to get likes.
6. etc
u can promote by giving free stuff on ur fanapge
buying a free ebook for pennies and giving it away to the members of your page for liking using a fangate, it works very very well.
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