How do related videos work ?

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    I am trying to get my video on the 'related videos' section of a YT video

    I've tried a number of things, but failed

    My method and my plans:

    As much as possible, I use the same tags as the videos I want to be related with

    I buy traffic, comments, subscribes
    (I use 1000 views per month, 10% comments, 1% subscribe.)

    I use a robot to visit first a 'popular' video followed by my video

    my videos are well optimized for their keyword, and I often rank #1 in YT search

    (so I get also some natural traffic, but I don't target high volume kw)

    I am thinking to explore further the robot method:

    - find 'obscure' videos where I am already listed in the related section (any

    idea of how I can find these 'obscure' videos ?)

    - view these videos, then click the YT link and view mine.

    I change IP at each visit and the number of clicks I generate with the robot is

    compatible with the overall popularity of the video.

    I always watch my own videos in full. To save time, I watch the 'parent' video for

    only ~30 seconds. My logic is to send YT the message that my video is more

    interesting than the parent video

    I am stuck. Can anyone help me to progress ?

    May be I should log first to YT before viewing the videos (and change user each

    May be I should comment/like the other video first, then like/comment mine

    Any other idea welcome