How can i promote my tumblr-api powered app?

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    A Month or Two ago, i finished creating a tumblr api powered web service, where you can que unlimited reblogs, un-follow users who aren't following you back, it has internal tumblr-plug-like system to promote your blog with other members, you can auto-post content via rss feeds using this app and a few more features here and there.

    Recently i did so much to promote this app but only recieved around a 100 signups, i have listed a few ways i have already used to promote this app.
    1. List it on, absolutely useless site, got hardly any traffic :p
    2. Listed on BBHF Premium section, got a few signups.
    3. Listed on one of my NSFW Blogs, which gets traffic from tumblr. There i get 2-3 signups a day.
    4. Promote it on multiple Blackhat Forums, no signups from them.
    5. Promoted it manually to tumblr users, they all liked the app, used it once and never again :p

    Feels like i am stuck in a loop, new members are not getting hooked to the app as there are not much TBH hardly any active members in this app :p i was hoping if any of you guys could give me some insights on how can i promote this app further for free. Unfortunately i don't have a big marketing budget, i only have few bucks that i need for this site's maintainace and dedi-server bill :p
    anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

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