How can I get orders?

I think you have to lower your price by $1 not less than this and provide unique and quality contents.
you have happy reviews why bother? Show it to your customers.. They always want quality..
It pretty much all comes down to marketing. What kind of article writer are you? A budget one? Someone that is able to provide high quality content but at a higher price? Figure out what you do and who you are to the consumer and market yourself appropriately.
Yeah I agree with earlier comments, you need to provide examples of your articles to show them why they should pay the extra, lower money usually means a compromise in quality and truly unique well written content will always win people over especially when the content is just for the website and not backlinking purposes for example. Show what you can do!
Think you are charging a bit too much in my opinion. Im from the UK and i only charge $1 per 100 words and write for quite a few clients.
Here is my suggestion. Search Google for fiverr clones, and you will find a lot of sites that allow you to charge more than 5.00 for a gig. Put your gigs there, and for the first 10 customers, offer a free gig if they leave a possitive feedback. Kill yourself fulfilling these orders, make them the best you can possibly do. On the higher priced sites, offer longer articles.

Fiverr is the big guy in the space, but the other sites have traffic and a lot less competition. I sell a virus cleaning service on gigbucks that I get $45 for when someone buys it. Takes me 30 minutes via remote access. Works out to $90 an hour when it comes up. Only sell 1 or so a month, but I have it listed in multiple sites, and it is an irregular, but persistent revenue stream.

Earn a reputation for quality and people will not have any problem buying your product at premium prices. You just have to earn the reputation.
I recommend going to Ezine Articles & Yahoo Voices. They often times attract people. I also know that if you do things freely. Often times that'll attract your other networking friends to send people to you
made fiverr account on sunday, already have over $70 in revenues for one gig (article writing). So I would recommend posting on fiverr if your gig is a good offer.
I bought some great articles off the WF forum and they were a special offer at the time for only $4.80 for 500 words.
I cannot post the link direct on here on here but the gig was headed
100% Unique Article Writing Service
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