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Jul 7, 2011
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On another forum I write articles for people. I charge just less than $10 per 500 words. The problem is that a few other people write articles for the exact same price.

It could be a silly question, but is there any way that I can attract more buyers than the other people on the forum? I don't want to reduce my prices by the way, and that's why I'm finding it hard to think about anything. Even if it's something small, I'd appreciate any advice.

Btw - I'm already really fast at delivering articles, only takes around 24 hours.

Thanks for the offer eRandom.

I actually promise that I didn't create this thread to get more work btw, I'm already quite busy most of the time!
May be throwing in some review copies would attract buyers who are after quality work rather than cheap re-written articles.
grab something in download section e.g article scraper,article spinner etc and

give as a bonus
try offering your service by $9...

even $1 matters sometimes..
I am looking for good content writer. charges is no problem for me. But need high qualities and 100% copyscape pass.
Feel like sharing the name of the forum where you get $10 for 500 words? :p I'll share a few of my secrets for getting clients.
Advertise on other forums. Join sites as an author where people are for content for there blog.
change your thread title to something more compelling/ different from competition, have a call to action, buy 10 get 2 free etc

good luck
Thanks for all of the replies. Maybe I should change the thread title to something that stands out more. But I don't want to look like I'm trying a hard sell.

Also, I'm not saying which forum it is :p haha....
try warr and offer the services there perhaps some other forums were you can charge more see if it sticks per craig.. list
hope it helps
You definitely gotta decrease the price a little..
Just prepare some review articles to get them quickly.
May be you can create a website from where people can order right away.
brand yourself man so people remember you .. make it easy to order and fast delivery turnaround.. after all if you delivery better quality product for the $10 they will come back. If your competition delivers better product ... in the long run no marketing will save you.
so improve product , find talents to scale it & then find talents to marketing it :)
Thanks all.

The funny thing is I was charging around $8 then increased to $10 (since the other members charged that) and I'm still getting orders.

People are happy with my articles too, 90% of them come back with more work...with some coming back every week or two for more content :)

Edit - oh, and there has been around 10 people who have left a review of my work and all of them were very happy with it
Also i want to ask this question,i have a site named etechshow,but the sales is not so good,i have good price,and best quality,and warranty,but have little sales,who can tell me why?
$10 for 500 words per article is quite expensive as there are several writers providing 500 words article for $5-$6, I think you should lower your rate and also try other forums.
Any forums you guys can suggest? Or any employers for that matter. I just need an opportunity :(
I disagree. I think writers deserve to be paid and not become article mills that churn everything out for a penny a word. That being said, clients who pay better deserve to have higher quality. Be extra careful with your postings. Offering to write articles in a posting that has typos and grammar mistakes (like the one that started this thread) will make clients worry that they will have mistakes and have to edit the articles. You have to prove that you are worth the higher price.
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