just make them. you'll be fine. I've made and logged into several at the same time on the same platform on one of my sites and it's still fine. i use a vpn now, but it's most likely not needed.
You mean creating web2.0 links safely, as if when a penalty hits your site, you can easily erase the links that you have created?
If that is what you would like to achieve, I normally go around that by creating the web2.0 site, and then using a 301 link from an expired domain that I own and have full control of, and I use that 301 link on the web2.0 and point that back to the money site.
If the expired domain has some link juice, it would be even better.
So if anything happens to this group of links, I just disable the 301 link that is associated to this group, and problem solved - not perfectly, but solved quickly nonetheless.
Just create the web 2.0s and keep an Excel sheet with login and passwords. Schedule your posts over a couple weeks/months and move on to the next one. Don't think about it too much
There are plenty of guides here on building web2.0's.
Why don't you search the forum?
There is no issue in creating web 2.0 backlinks if you follow these three practices carefully :
  1. Post something interesting or don’t post at all
  2. Sell with restraint
  3. Use web 2.0 links and profile links in balance with other SEO tactics
Build multiple posts on them and interlink those posts and the main page (sub root)
Nothing to do with bios or images. It's about the content itself.
A real blog or WEB2 has a home page and many of the internal pages link back tot he home page and vice versa.
They certainly aren't "one page wonders"
Multiple pages and inter linking.

Seriously. That is the main answer to your question.
Bios and images help - but multiple posts that interlink is the main answer
You'll also be 1 in 1000 becasue although this has been known for years - no-one does it becasue it takes a little more time and care.
help over what?
just create it. for best results : start from hubpages.
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