Hotmail Account Blocked- PLEASE HELP!

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    Firstly,thank-you for taking the time to read this and I know this is an unrelated matter, however I thought someone here could help me out and this would be an excellent resource to seek answers from.
    So I have a Hotmail email account that has been blocked for some time now. I have ignored it recently until I had to sign in with it on my Xbox Live account. When I try to sign in with it, it gives me the following response. "Sorry, something went wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to dotcom for help. Code: 8015D003".
    Now, because I made this e-mail in 2006 when I was just a kid, I can't remember the information I used to sign up (i.e Birth date, security questions, my old phone number, etc). So when I try to complete the account recovery form on the PC, It sends me an e-mail to my other e-mail account and says I was unsuccessful.
    I generally want to fix this e-mail account for the soul reason to get back into my Xbox Live account. So if there is an alternative to changing the e-mail, please let me know!
    Thank-You for taking the time to read this!