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    I'm trying to get some professional affiliate marketing help from some of
    the experienced marketers participating in these forums. To avoid any
    confusion, I would like to mention that I've also posted the same
    invitation on Digitalpoint, warrior and affiliates4u forums.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and new to Internet Marketing in general - but I'm an
    experienced mass media marketing consultant for Big Six Companies offline.
    From my experience and resources I was able to build this very successful
    product which made me a great deal of money over the last few months.

    I've recently moved the product to Paydotcom and it's climbing the charts
    rapidly! The product is converting really well - infact better than my
    expectations - I've already paid over $6000 in affiliate commissions -
    which is not bad for the first month, is it?

    Product - BulkMailingGladiator2010

    Price : $97
    Affiliate URL :
    Payout: 50% or $47/sale

    I'm very interested in getting to partner with more affiliates who can
    spread the word and drive some serious traffic to the site - since
    conversion is at it's peak and well optimized now. You can bank some
    serious cash promoting this product - you can literally uncover huge
    traffic sources for this product as the Market reach and demand of this
    kind of product is tremendous among Business professionals, small business
    owners and entrepreneurs.

    A little more about the product:

    The product is extremely easy to sell, can be targeted to diverse markets
    in Business and Marketing category, has huge market reach, has terriffic
    USP, very newsorthy and without a doubt a truly Indemand product.

    Below are a few recent screenshots from showing the
    product's performance in Paydotcom Marketplace for the last month.



    I invite you to join my affiliate program and bank some serious cash
    promoting BMG and help me make this product #1 in Paydotcom marketplace
    within the next month.

    If you have any suggestions about the website please let me know.

    Thank you all,

    I'm not sure if you could promote affiliate programs here, moderators feel
    free to move my post to another section.
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    its ok to promote aff programs here..
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    You should read the rules first.
    If you break them, you will get infraction, or the worst case you will get banned.