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    This is not my first post, but I read something in the journey sections, and that made me write this intro. They said speak your mind..
    So, here it goes.

    I'm 22, finished college last year and now working full time along with some freelance work, whenever possible. I'm freelancing since the first year of my college.
    Here is what I did in the three years of my college:
    1. I was having difficulties finding rooms, so I created a website to list all the rooms available in my city along with my friends(and yes back in 2013, Olx or any other companies were not listing rooms). However we failed to scale, bc of money and due to so much work. and yes, I didn't had any technical knowledge.

    2. I tried my hands in stock trading, didn't had much success, and then I started writing about it. Did around 100 articles( I was blank about seo stuff), and I was getting 5k traffics per month and was slowly increasing.
    I also started putting more efforts in freelancing, I was making $200-$300 a month.

    3. I blogged about cars, tech news, and then full time freelancing and part time college(I was barely attending classes).

    What I do in freelance:

    I didn't had much skills, so I was reseller. I was selling the service from one freelance platform to other platform. Like from Upwork to Freelancer.
    I'm really good at convincing people and customers.

    Now in 2017: I'm doing full time job and sometimes freelancing. I just place the orders to the contractors and they get it done.
    I don't have much time, that's why I don't do much research to hack the sales, anyways, I'm happy.

    From last 2 months, I have been planning to start blogging in the marketing, to somewhat build some reputation for a marketing agency through my content but just couldn't devote that much time.
    Everything is in pipeline(from pillar posts, to growth strategies, to promoting the content and to bringing in the clients) but I'm struggling into writing the content(ofc I don't want to write the same shit out there, I want to show a very different perspective to everything I write about, and that's why it's taking time.) and I'm hopeful that I will be motivated and will do it.

    A friend of mine, introduced me to BHW, and I'm so glad to be here.
    -- A Big thanks to all.
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    Welcome bro..... I feel your hustle !!!