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    Well i lurk quite often on this site, thought i would make an introduction so people know who i am and so i can start building my rep on this forum

    I used to be interested in Graphics Designing/Video editing and photography at the same time a while ago but i didnt like the fact that film editors usually had strict deadlines so i started thinking of possibly other hobbies, and i picked up bodybuilding and wanting to go into physique competing but i also wanted a computer hobby, i really enjoy edm and for the past several years i have always wanted to become a music producer but have been struggling to learn, i learned about internet marketing about last December or so and instantly started doing blackhat. That resulted in me getting banned from maxbounty but i still continued with bh, it never really worked out so i stopped with Internet marketing because i had no idea what to do or where to look for help with internet marketing. First place i found was warriorforum which is absolute sh*t and i hate that forum so much. The last 2 weeks i have been taking a better approach to internet marketing and learning more from this forum and the fileice forum.

    I know i have sh*tty grammar i was never really taught good grammar nor was i ever corrected in school, unsure where to learn grammar online but i havent searched yet either.

    anyways hello from me
    i plan on using ppd/buying and flipping items and this other method i dont know what it is called

    if you are having issues with something not working in gfx/vfx wise pm me as for music i am still learning music theory so i cant help much with the sound aspect of things
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    Welcome to BHW!
    Enjoy your stay!
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