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Hey guys..here's my intro & resolutions Happy nYE!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kay$, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Kay$

    Kay$ Registered Member

    Dec 31, 2016
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    Hey there everyone,

    I had heard of BHW in the past, but never felt compelled to join or look into it. Although I've run a marketing consultancy for the last 6-years I feel like there is still so much to always be learning. I would say my fortes are in: brand, email, social, search and mobile(app) marketing. It's obviously tough to keep tabs on all the changes happening in every aspect but I find some evolve slower than others, so that helps. It's helpful that I read A TON on new data points and constantly think about the latest and greatest technologies (basically all self taught) being developed in the cutting edge of the silicon-valley . But again, I still feel there's so much to learn from so many people, I feel truly humbled to even be writing this.

    In any event, while I have a grasp of SEO that I would say is around 80% of what there is to know, I feel I never really got much into off-page SEO. Backlinking, building social profiles, PBN's, all that good stuff.. I've been able to rank clients sites through great on-page SEO and then basic off-page SEO tactics that I developed through learning from different people.

    I've now come to discover a few interesting software's: GSA SER, RankerX, MassPlanner, and a couple others that are less important. I feel like GSA was pretty easy to pick up and after about half a day of tinkering with it, I feel like I got the general idea. Same with MassPlanner, but RankerX.. I am having some trouble getting my head wrapped around it, I would LOVE if anyone here is so kind to kind of explain to me what it does. I feel the creator did a great job in creating it, and providing helpful resources.. but again, to no avail am I able to get my head wrapped around it, or nothing has "clicked" yet like it did so easily with MP and GSA.

    So any way, that's a little bit about myself.

    Since it's practically NYE, I would like to state my goals for this year and hope that I may connect with others here that may share somewhat of a similar perspective on things.
    (I live around a trifecta of Health, Wealth, and Love).

    Health: Keep on staying mentally sound and physically fit, and aim to always improve over time.

    Wealth: I would like to transition my consultancy business towards a different monetization (revenue) model. Instead of having clients on retainer, I would like to utilize my skills more on a performance basis to drive, deliver, and SELL - conversions.

    This year, I will start with the Lawyer Niche; I have isolated a few areas specifically that I feel will drive a high return for the same amount of traffic I'm going to have to generate any way. Once these properties have been built I plan to create a platform that utilize the traffic/revenue source to create a separate business model that will have buyers competing with each on price to maximize returns with no extra effort. THEN, ..well, I can't tell you everything now can I.. ;)

    In any event, I would LOVE to connect with anyone else who is SINCERELY passionate about marketing, and TRULY realize what we can do with what we know. I mean.. just think about it: we're the fire from the stone age.

    Love: I've fell, and fallen out of love in the last year - so this year, I just want to connect with more people, I don't discriminate against beautiful women however.

    That's all for me folks,
    Hope to connect
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  2. backdoor80

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    Aug 10, 2015
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