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    Morning/Afternoon fellow Black Hatters.

    I don't post very often here but I do read a lot of the posts made here.

    Not sure if this is the right section I apologize to Admin for post.

    Recently since I haven't been into work for a while I started my own twitch channel, now what I am asking is for bit of advice, a lot of it I have done my self.

    Advertising: Twitter/FB/Reddit/Twitchstarter and some forums.

    Concerning above and checking the black hat forums, is there any other ways I can attract viewers? I understand just keep networking which is a given
    I want to pickup more organic traffic and keeping to my schedule day to day 5 days a week. Would it be worth it starting up a FB group to get more people
    post updates etc? I've done a lot of research and the main part of my setup is complete.

    I been doing this as I'm not that crash hot at kick starting some of these methods on the forums + being unemployed any cash I get goes to keeping my self afloat, jobs at
    this point in time extremely hard to come by, I got one starting up soon but crap all amount of hours.

    Anyway not here to sob story my life etc just a bit of background info.

    Cheers guys.