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Help with Follower Like settings

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Dendin, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Dendin

    Dendin Newbie

    Jun 19, 2017
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    Hi All!

    I´m new here, but I´ve been visiting the forum and reading information for a while. I´ve a personal account on IG and I´ve recently purchased Follower Like bot.

    I started like 2/3 months ago on IG and I gained 1K followers the first month. The niche of the account is photography (iI know IG is a photography site) I mean the account is not about only portraits, or a brand account, or a featuring account is just my photographies with my style. My IG account is a general photography account that mixes Urban photography, with portrait and some landscapes.I started follow/unfollow ppl until I reached 1500 followers aprox (I gained like 60 followers per day) then I cleaned all the followings I didn´t liked to watch in my feed and drop to 1300 followers and 200 follwin (which I thought was a good ratio. I think I´m getting nice engagement ratios (400 real likes pero photo or even more and 3/4 comments which means like a 40/45% interaction) and I think my pictures are quitegood and clean so I thought "Ok so when people see my profile and photos they tend to follow me (based on my follow/unfollow strategy) so the more ppl I reach the more ppl will follow me" so I bought Follower Like to automate the process.

    I watched several youtube video-tutorials and read the Follower Like manual and set up the configuration I´m gonna show you here:

    Task selection:
    Scrape users (checked)
    Scrape photo (checked)
    Follow (checked)
    Unfollow (checked)
    Like (checked)

    Scrape users settings:
    Scrape users limit: 40
    Ignore private users (checked)
    Ignore users with no profile photo (checked)
    Queries: All are about User´s followers and acounts from 30k followers to 2 mill followers that have pictures more or less like mines.

    Scrape photo/video settings:
    Scrape photo limit: 40
    Ignore photos with blacklisted words (checked)
    Queries: hashtags that look like my photos.

    Follow Users settings
    Follower to following ratio 0
    Follow Limit 25-35
    Daily follow Limit 600-700
    Delay Follow 10-15
    Follow users who posted 0-30 days
    Follow users who have 10-9999 photos
    Follow users who have 150-10000 followers
    Follo users who have 0-5000 followings
    Ignore private users (checked)

    Unfollow Users Settings

    Follower to following Ratio 0
    Unfollow after 1 day
    Unfollow limit 20/30
    Daily unfollow limit 650-750
    Delay unfollow 20-25 secs
    Don´t unfollow followers(checked)
    Blacklist unfollowed users (checked)

    Like photo Settings

    Like limit 40-50
    Daily like limit 800-900
    Delay Like 20-25
    Like posts with only 40-10000 likes

    The automation time is from 9 am to 11 pm everyday and the tasks are not shuffled.

    So these are my settings. As you can see, I´m following popular accounts followers (between 30k and 3mill followers) these accounts have photos more or less like mines.And I´m liking photos that are more or less like my photos. Maybe the settings are not fast enough or maybe I´ve selected any option that makes the process terribly slow or uneffective bur the results I´m getting are kind of disapointing: Yesterday I won 71 followres after following 600 ppl and today I´ve gained 30 after following 500. From the followers I´m getting they tend to comment, like or write me some DM talking about my gallery so I think that´s a nice point but I´m feelling the process with Follower Like is too slow. When I was doing this manually I was getting about 60/70 per day and I was doing like 2 rounds per day of following 300 ppl and next day unfollow the ppl who doesn´t follow me.

    Sorry if the post is too long I´m just trying to be as accurate as I can. I would like to as you guys for some help with my settings or strategy or if you see any mistake please tell me. I´m trying to make of my IG a way of living so followers is my main objective right now.

    Thank you in advance!
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  2. fungames

    fungames Registered Member

    Mar 16, 2009
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    Follow liker is really bad. They do not provide good support and their bot doesn't work 90% of the time. More issues than I can explain. I suggest you find a new bot or have a custom one programmed.