*HELP* Whats a great email sender for Vps (Hostgator) ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by soulless1, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Hello BHW!

    I'm having a issue, with sending email campaigns. I have a vps on hostgator, for my campaigns i used "phplist" and had it set for sending about 480 msg an hour (hostgator standards). I have been going back and forth with hostgator admins about why all of a sudden my campaigns are hitting spam boxes... They researched my "headers", Spf records, DNR..Im not blacklisted... . (Sorry im new to this , my terminology is prob off, Im learning..lol) My emails use to always inbox for the most part. Nothing has been resolved. So im looking for some info on if there is anything out there i can use... I have tried Interspire , all went to spam, same with email sender deluxe.. they were all properly installed to my smtp...

    If anyone could possible help me out, or set me up with something that would work, pls pm with details, etc..
    I can pay $$ or maybe offer my services far as gaining twitter followers...